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The Computers

edited November 2010
Today's issue is me trying to set up my apple mail. I guess I have to do this in order to email on my laptop and look at my calendar even when I am not 'surfing' on the 'nets'.

My main email is through google apps. The account is called rich at richjensen dot com but it 'lives' on a google in the cloud, right?

So, in my google mail account settings it has revealed that POP is right for inbound mail. I put this into the apple mail form, with mail dot richjensen dot com and my password and everything seemed cool.

But with outgoing mail, the apple form wants something like an SMTP server or something and the google page isn't helping me figure it out.

Does anyone else have this google app/mail account set up with their to apple mail thing?

Can you tell me what to put in the boxes?



  • I always have to look this up, but that info is out there!

    Why is it so easy on the iPhone and still so hard and weird on the computer?
  • These links hold the answers

    Also, some people say "IMAP" is better than "POP."

    But you are probably okay.
  • I had looked at 13287 before but now I see it in a new light.

    I will try again.
  • Something happened!

    I think it might have been what I wanted to happen!

    This is sort of like cause for maybe saying hooray? I think?

    Thank you for your inspiring examples, doods!
  • The answer is even though I have a richjensen dot com.

    But beyond these mysteries I sense other mysteries....

  • This happens to me sometimes, as I also use the google app mail for my faux dotcom address.
    I don't know the answer, I usually just ask Mike to fix it!

    The good news is that once it's set up it usually stays cool. Very rarely do I have to reconfigure the guts like that.
  • edited November 2010 got me to a nice little place in the current century.

    But now I have another query:

    It's about the mobile wifis and such.

    Now, I know this place is lousy with iPhone people, but I don't have one of those.

    I have an ancient little cell phone that uses the T-Mobile. But I've been doing too many things with it or something and the little f*cker just cost me $175 last month ($210 the month before that). This is because of too many minutes and too many texts from me to my associates.

    I've never had a problem getting the signal on the T-mobile, and if I were properly fitted to a call/text plan, I think it'd be about $80, which is do-able.

    Lately, I've heard about something called tethering, where like, I guess, a fancy cell phone helps connect a laptop to the internets. The T-mobile is another $25/month for this service, and I think they will give me a 'fancy-ish' tethering phone for 'free' if I sign a two year contract with them.

    All this leads me to ask you: what would you do, or what have you done to address these desires for connection in your life?

    The guy sitting next to me here in my 'public office' (no it is not a toilet) just told me about Virgin Mobile's flat fee unlimited deals for calls/messaging and high-speed internets, I think it is about $65/month for that, and I guess I'd buy some kind of new phone (or maybe used?) to go riding around on the web tethers if that is what I choose to do.

    Do you have advice for one such as I? I would like to hear what it is.

    Thank you.
  • I don't get what any of this means

    but my Mail is still not sending (or, sending very rarely). It receives fine, but then won't send, the wheel just goes round and round.

    I googled this and didn't understand anything anyone was saying. Does this mean I can not be walked through fixing it myself? This is possible.

    I restarted my computer a bunch of times and everything.

    If anyone can help me I would love it. But it's okay if you can't.
  • Virgin's new plans seem pretty amazing:

    I think they use Sprint's network. No contracts. $40 a month for unlimited data and 1200 minutes? WHAT?

    What's the catch?
  • BOB: This is exactly what the guy was saying as he sat next to me (and I swear neither of us were in a room with a toilet).

    TWolf: Do you use the google for your electronic mail too?

    Mail: Now it is "Working" but that seems to mean it (my laptop) wants to gobble up 20,000 emails from my google accounts and put them in the belly of my laptop. This seems like it will become a problem. But I don't know how to turn it off.
  • DRJ
    your computer isn't gobbling them up, it's just referencing the backlog of emails you've sent and received on your gmail account. Once it's done you should be all set.
  • I have a problem unrelated to mails. The fan on my Macbook is going crazy these days, always wants to be on. Computer gets pretty hot, it crashed one time due to heat. The power supply thing is also very hot. Should I do this thing?

    "Resetting" anything scares me. I'm reading forum advice but people are having fights and it's hard to figure out the best real info.
  • Thank you Bobby. I'll quit trying to boss my laptop around and just let it tell me what it needs.
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