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Weekend Plans

edited April 2012
What is up this weekend?

My only plan is on Saturday to check out the Appendix Project show.

No one is interested in the wrestling movie tonight. (No need for a question mark there.)

Sunday? Do people hang out on Sunday or do we all just do our laundry and nurse our pets back to health? (positive thoughts to Andy the dingus!)


  • Saturday night is also the closing night party and artist talk at Disjecta for 'Portland 2012' - an easy one-two punch with the Appendix show for an artful night in N/NE Portland.
  • Oh, we should bring Alan Frogsmin, get him drunk, and then have him get on UHX!
  • I would like to go on a blossom tour--preferably a fragrant blossom tour.
  • I'd like to hang out on Sunday, preferably to join this blossom tour!
    LT, get at me- I've got a route in mind.

    Alan Frogsmin is a jerk and a rascal, and is currently in PARIS, FRANCE.

    I'll go to those art shows, though.
  • Saturday night is LIL MOTHERFUCKING B at the Wonder Ballroom, y'all - which will also double as the best art event in Portland this weekend.
  • I have sadly realized that I cannot afford this Small Bee concert. It's gonna be conceptually OFF THE CHAIN.
  • a bunch of amateurs are playing in my store this afternoon/evening.
    tomorrow the NBA PLAYOFFS BEGIN and I will wake up early to begin watching.
    Sunday we make a bunch of shirts and totes to hopefully sell to some people.
  • I am sad to not see Lil B with you, Alex.
    I will be in Paris, France with Frogsmin.
    Right now I'm in Tours, France at a hotel called Brit Hotel Cheops. (I keep seeing that as Cheapos)
    This weekend I hope to continue to have awkward conversations at the merch table with French people.
  • Please tell us about the awkward conversations!
  • John Sinclair, founder of The White Panther Party, former-manager of MC5 and The Stooges, author of 'GUITAR ARMY', and originator of the phrase "Dope, Guns & Fucking in the Streets" will be appearing at The Comet Tavern in Seattle tomorrow night and participating in a conversation with Aaron Dixon, a former leader of the Seattle chapter of The Black Panther Party. Old panthers... what's up? I'm curious.

    Sunday I think I'll be in PDX for confectioner Kir Jensen's cookbook release party at Ace Cleaners. (I better find some more tokens!)
  • I'm going to a birthday party where the Red Hot Chili Peppers may or may not be in attendance!
  • I saw Rent. Pretty cool.
  • Awkward Conversations!
    It usually starts with me trying to make a cute little french greeting like "Bonsoir" and then they maybe think I'm French speaker so they say a lot in French and then I have to be like "English?" with a sad look on my face.
    Sometimes like last night there will be a cool artistic lady in their late 30s who wants to talk to me about her life philosophy and art but most of her english words don't make sense and i say "yeah!" a lot.


  • It's raining pretty hard in Paris and Frogmin is jet lagged and cute.
  • Cute French convos!!
    I love "English?" with sad face

    I am in south bend Indiana on a freezing gray day. Just had a nice conversation with the most famous scholar in the world (in my field) then walked six miles to a Perkins where I ordered the only thing on the menu with no ham in it (a side of asparagus). I really urge you to look at my instagram (sharkstooth) for some great photos of this wonderful part of the country!
  • I saw Gus Franklin play drums on one hour of sleep to a gloomy cloudy empty festival at noon. He was great of course!

    then we went and bought tadpoles! Now weird punk rock birthday party!
  • Woke up yesterday morning at my grandparent's house in Arizona. Played cards with my grandpa. Flew home, went to Matt's closing party thing (not a party, actually, I was way overdressed). Thai food and Friday Night Lights. All in all, a very good day.
  • Hiked a trail that was way steeper than expected. Kind of want to try it again. HARD HIKING. Then watched a lot of TV, took a break to go to Appendix Project opening, then more TV. Slept in, weighed myself and felt weird about dropping under 170, so went to whole foods and ate a big pile of kale salad and salmon and then got a candybar. A CANDYBAR! Been a while. Was pretty good. Bought some new clothes for the gym. Now hanging out in Vancouver drinking coffee and trying to research a better food plan while also trying to mentally push the low cloud cover away so I can go on a ride in a glider! Pretty good weekend.
  • edited April 2012
    Went on a hike with buddies around Estacada.
    Made plans for a lady to come visit in May.
    Checked in with my mechanic about final tests of my soon to be very fast vehicle.
    Watched The Memories do their thing at a weird place that looked like a combination office / Mexican restaurant with Sally Mellows and Bosetti and A. Friedman and Verdugo and Snowden.
    Drank a lot of coffee.
    Went to Appendix for a bit.
    Shot some bucks at Jolly Roger.
    Finished a big project for a client, started another.
    Finalized plans to Mexico for my sisters wedding.
    Played with cats.
  • Miley I want to go on the hard hike
  • Seems bonkers that you are closing in on my weight. I'm still trying to go the other way. Also, you have a big box of candybars in your house!
  • edited April 2012
    I found a loop of four estate sales near each other
    added some red furniture to my collection! other finds...
    - Mt. St. Helen's eruption videotape
    - "Sportsmen are Conservationists" bumper sticker
    - book about Irish archeological sites... crannogs and mottes!

    stuff i wanted to buy but didn't
    - a spanish sword
    - a harpoon
    - "marquetry" tables from someone's trip to istanbul
    - a clothespin with an embossed gold sticker that said "G.D. BILLS"
    - a 2 foot wide homemade wooden heart that said "welcome home sweetheart"
  • No Red Hot Chili Peppers at the party, but there was a Beastie Boy and a ridiculous amount of cake!

    Today: long walk through the park, with a stop at the zoo to see the andean bears and the goats and the cute little monkey.
  • edited April 2012
    Went to a nice civilized dinner party in dirty clothes, with dirty hair, and very late.

    Slept a huge monster sleep, then took myself out to breakfast at like 2 pm!
    Many loads of laundry
    Made a bagel sandwich
    Went to Appendix Gallery
    Went to see The Memories, my fave band

    A few yard sales, bought nothing
    New plants/bags of soil, re-potting and general pruning cleanup of my patio garden
    Admired my patio garden
    Painted my toenails lavender
    Made a bagel sandwich for Alan Frogsmen, who is now fast asleep with the jet lag

    THE END!
    Except now I might go see a movie!!!!
  • Made the best french toast - sweet and custardy.
    Took Calvin on a "nature walk" at Smith & Bybee Lakes, on which we saw 3 snakes, 5 slugs, 3 turtles, 2 ducks, and innumerable songbirds I can't name.
    Went out to lunch at Pause, listened to Bzin bitch about how he doesn't like that place (by now it's a tradition).
    Took a nap, finished the umpteenth reread of Pride & Prejudice.
    Took a 2.5 mile walk to bring my sister-in-law a Kinder surprise egg from Pix because the US government has outlawed the originals and is cracking down on bootleg imports.
    Made a nice little asparagus dinner. Drank a beer.
    Cat is on my lap.
  • I think the burger at Pause is pretty decent.
  • these are all such nice weekends!

    my weekend was also nice, albeit with terrible midwestern food/coffee situation (more like non-situation). You guys. The only coffee shop walkable from campus had a sign in the window that said "FIFTY CENT COFFEE!!!" Brutal. But my conference was so awesome. The most fun I have ever had at a conference. Great papers, great Q&A, great interactions with other dudes. My attendance came with a free ticket to the student production of Sweeney Todd, which was unexpectedly excellent. I was 100% delighted for the entire duration of the show, like a little child. Laughing out loud and gasping in amazement. "THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET," man that Sondheim knew how to write songs. Found out the production used 40 pounds of dry ice. It was badass.

    I got home last night and was driven directly to the Bye & Bye where I availed myself of an ultimate protein injection. I was on my last legs, in terms of living on pilfered granola bars and horrible bananas (I loathe bananas but they are healthy) secreted in my bag from the snack table at the conference. At the B&B I got the Georgia Bowl with a side of black eyed peas and ate the whole thing like a dog. IT WAS DELICIOUS BEYOND IMAGINATION

    The midwest is such an awful food sinkhole. Literally the salad I ate at O'Hare airport was significantly better-looking and better-tasting than a single thing I ate in all my time in small-town Indiana. WHAT ON EARTH IS THE DEAL.
  • Got to the confectioners party. OMG. Snarf this amazing treat and that other one too oh yes and that one thank you. Met a bunch of people from the Golden Age of Sumner Street (like 5 of g-friend's ex-neighbors.) They clearly had a special little family here on the block. Bittersweet reunions. Frantic dancing to the hits of 2009 and Whitney Houston.

    Played at smoothie improvisation (frozen grapes?). Ate a sausage. Looking for a token in case I get hit up in the game zone.
  • I get why the midwest has such great theater--it's the only way for nerds to socialize. But why is the food so bad? Maybe it's because the people who settled the region were pioneers and the cliche is that they wanted to forge a new path. Then maybe after WWI and WWII, children from Irish and German parents were so sick of their families that when supermarket food came around, they were just more than happy to leave behind sauerkraut in a barrel for wholesome, sanitized food in cans, and then those kids grew up to consider Frisch's Big Boy fine dining. Then Monsanto bought the good black earth and the only family recipes are "cheese ball" and meatloaf.
  • I also cannot understand the food situation in places like that. Like, OK, you like burgers and steaks and french fries, that's all totally cool! You do not have to also hate vegetables so much that you have absolutely no legitimate greens and every salad is just a bowl of weird white chunks of "lettuce".
  • edited April 2012
    I guess it just goes to show you...... thank you rich, educated, well-traveled people for teaching us about healthy food
  • It's so true! I don't think that I ate a vegetable that didn't come from a can until I was in HIGH SCHOOL! Ha, and even then it was covered in Velveeta "cheese." The Midwest is the worst; food cesspool of the US.

    I had some serious culture shock when I moved out here. I'd never heard of kale, for crying out loud!
  • edited April 2012
    Do liberal people eat more vegetables than conservative people? Are people with liberal politics more healthy in general?


  • Growing up in the midwest my family was seen as very strange for eating flowers (capers, artichokes) and fish eggs (lumpfish), but on the other hand my mom could find artichokes in stores even in the late 70s? Looking back though, it's true those high school vegetarian days were HARD. Limp iceberg lettuce and giant cookies were the cafeteria options, grilled cheese with tomato or cukes at Denny's.


  • Sometimes I think small towns in Eastern Washington must have something in common with the midwest when it comes to food. Both my parents hail from the Spokane area, and I grew up on a meat-and-potatoes diet. "Red meat and rice" was my favorite meal as a child. Veggies out of a can. Lots of casseroles with mushroom soup as the sauce.

  • We also had different kinds of pizza. My favorite was "Mexican pizza," which, looking back, was really disgusting.
  • But honestly, it's not just the lack of vegetables/healthy food. It's like, ok, you want to eat only burgers and nachos, fine. But EVEN THE BURGERS AND NACHOS ARE DISGUSTING. It's like conceptions of just anything tasting good--even junk food--are totally twisted and stunted. Everyone's super stoked to eat some weird onion dip somebody got at Safeway. Or like, oooh, we're going to indulge in this wonderful apple pie, and it's just a freezing cold weird mass-produced apple pie from the Hy-Vee.

    But they think it is delicious. Can they tell the difference between a real apple pie and the Hy-Vee one? I honestly don't know. I would like to do some taste testing with real midwesterners.

    I am thinking of all the factors:
    - mostly German and Irish immigrants (no people from Mexico/South America/any number of other places, thus food diversity and mixing it up and new spices)
    - crazy short growing season, where you have to spend 24 hours a day in the summer frantically canning and salting and drying just to have enough food to live through the winter
    - thus, also, living through 7 months of winter eating only salt pork and pickles or whatever, thus, just like generationally getting used to it? Salty White Food?

    But I'm baffled by the reliance on supermarket processed foods. Like, everyone in Texas eats like shit too, but the shit they're eating is at least objectively awesome, even I can admit. Some guy's badass barbecue restaurant? Tex Mex? It's not healthy, but it's delicious. It's real food--food that somebody cooked. In the midwest it's not even real food. Like "barbecue" is shrink-wrapped barbecued chicken you get at Wal-Mart, and everyone's like "Mmmm, barbecue." YoU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE GOING CRAZY
  • Diet plate at the pool snack bar was CANNED PEACHES ON A SCOOP OF COTTAGE CHEESE.

    Midwestern CLASSIC.
  • What was "pizza burger?"
  • i sorta remember last weekend, and yes i was very jet lagged but then i did get really drunk and i apologize for not spewing my drunken-ness onto here.

    this weekend, i hope you all come to the mahmoud ahmed show at YU because my back hurts from building and setting up a huge stage and will hurt more from setting up a huge PA and i hope to be good and drunk by the time you see me and i will need you all to remind me to put my drunken-ness onto UHX for good measure.

    i have no opinion on mid-western food.
  • Food Hell: A hotel/casino in Sparks, Nevada.

    That is all.

    Alan I can't wait to see your stage you made!!!
  • This weekend: I'm going to be in Providence RI. Running 26.2 miles. Wish me luck. It is going to be rough.
  • you can do it!!!!!! Try not to barf/shit your pants, but it's okay if you do!
  • This weekend I'm playing poker, hiking a steep mountain, shopping for plants, going to the opening of Worn Path, going to the YU event, hopefully riding in a glider, and then boxing. A pretty good weekend plan.
  • !!! Good plan indeed!
  • Whoa. Boxing? Are you like a featherweight at this point? Be careful!!

    This weekend I'm going to see Wanderlust again (love my Rudd), plan a Hawaii trip, drink drinks on a patio with a friend, and work in the garden. Oh and maybe go to that YU event! Also read a lot. I am way behind on my NYers.

    Yesterday I (mostly) ran 5K!! I'm doing this "Girls on the Run" program where they pair 8-12 yr old girls with adult women and they train together for the Starlight run. Our practice 5K was yesterday and my buddy Paige was FAST!! I could barely keep up. She liked to walk a while and then sprint a while. I wanted to lay down in the street after we crossed the finish line! I have a lot more practicing to do!
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    I want to help with gardening if I am home.

    I am really excited about Worn Path! I am in the little treats market these days. I hope they have a special little plant for me, or perhaps some fragrant balm, a candle, Incensio of the West, a nice deep soup bowl.........

    If they sell Go Pro cameras,I am getting one.
  • Hopefully breakfast with Phil Elverum and Jason Wall tomorrow. Then Worn Path opening and Mahmoud Ahmed at YU on Saturday night.

    Speaking of Saturday night, it's also a Supermoon!

    Sunday it's supposed to be super nice so a bunch of us are going to hike the Salmon River:

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