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edited May 2012
Excuse me.
But on Monday I will be attending this:

Excuse me, but anyone who doesn't come with me is a total tool.

35mm print of JAW! You won't get many more chances like this in your life.

"It's only an island if you look at it from the water"

Come see Richard Dreyfus pitch an absolute shit fit when no one listens to him about the bite radius of a tiger shark!

Come see Roy Scheider IMPROVISE one of the most famous lines in movie history! He improvised it! He is a genius!

Come see Robert Shaw act like a total maniac!!!! "I'm talkin about WORKIN for a livin, I'm talkin about SHARKIN"

Peter Benchley has a cameo
Jaw was edited by that amazing old lady Spielberg always used to work with, who edited in her house in a weird dark room
when the shark dies it makes the sound of the semi truck from"Duel" going off the cliff

"Shark! Shark! There's a shark in the pond!"

I honestly will be so mad if any of you do not come to this. I will throw a beer right in your fucking face. Don't you know how important this is to me


  • I will look into catching a flight Tuesday instead of Monday morning.
  • SRSLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    You should not do that, that is crazy.

    I am not really going to be mad at anyone who doesn't come. It was joke!
  • (i am not serious! fuck jaws! i'm going to hawaii!!)
  • I want to go!
    May Mike NOT be struck down by a shark in HI.
  • Mike I hope you know that Jaw 4 The Revenge This Time It's Personal takes place in Hawaii (or Bahamas, actually?) and that the grand-daughter of the original Jaw tracks down the son of the original police chief and tries to murder his whole family before being exploded by a boat!!!!!!!!!


    RCH you should come! Lets get a beer and scream when the kid gets his guts eaten
  • I saw Piranha 3D once.
  • I ain't 'fraid no shark.

    Well, I am, but I don't expect to encounter any sharks. I do hope to see a big dumb turtle.
  • I will come too! I like beer and screaming!


  • IT'S ABOUT A SHARK! Great movie!
  • I'm very sorry to have missed it, and I know that YT will owe me a punch to the face the next time we meet.

    I had a previous engagement! (with a shark)
  • it was so fun! it looked so good on the big screen. I have seen it so many times but was delighted start to finish by the 35mm experience.

    Gary got so scared when they find Ben Gardener's boat that he spilled his beer all over himself and had to go get napkins to mop up his seat and everyone laughed at him
  • HAHAHAHAHA, Gary! That's silly!

    Does anyone want to go see Jiro Dreams of Sushi this week?
    Alan and I do, and it's play at the Laurelhurst. Bones= you can slap me irl for not coming to jaws.
  • I very much enjoyed this film! A++++ GREAT SELLER WOULD WATCH AGAIN
  • edited May 2012
    Ben Gardener has a problem with his eye.

    By the way, did you see the new one from the Jaw-maker?

    The unstoppable animal in this one is a horse. A shark for good.

    A land shark, even.

    Sort of.
  • I would never watch that film. Just the poster makes me want to start crying and sobbing.

    I can not watch any sad animal movie. I can barely even watch a happy animal movie.

    Only rubber shark movie.
  • edited May 2012
    Good call. That horse is nothing but a big cry magnet. I only watched a little and I nearly drowned myself in eyeball juice.
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