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question for gary

edited November 2010
my urbanhonking blog, many years running and at long last, it seems to be back. i would love to log in and make an update.
does anyone around here know my username and password? gary? am i logged out for a sysex dump? just want to confirm my caches and upgrade my OS

my email address is




  • I think you need to enable cookies to do your blog

    but i'm sure Gary will know for sure
  • How do I Log In to read Albert's comment?

    Sorry, Albert, I will try to help if I can.

  • fuck i kinda mean it guys!
    my urbanhonking blog comes up above everything else when you google "white rainbow"
    because of the years of me saying it, i suppose, and also google location tailored results

    anyway, when you click on it, it has very out of date information that hurts my branding, as a musical band and business of being a musical band

    i would like to be able to update the information

    i know it is a total pain in the ass for the urho dudes to make this happen

    but maybe it is near completion now and i can have access to my white rainbow blog back and i just dont know how to log in on the new system?

  • it's weird it would show up if they haven't migrated it to the new site...have they?

    i'm sure they can find your log on

    i'm sure it will be ok. Aren't they all in LA? Surely when they return they will give you your log on and you can begin rebranding

  • my problems are so gary-logging-in!!!!
  • emailed adam. problem being addressed.
  • Hey Alan,
    In the future a direct email to KmikeyM or myself would work a lot better than addressing a forum thread to Gary.

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