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Jobs Thread

edited January 2017


  • m'lady is looking for work; she's gonna make a go of it in Portland.

    If y'all hear of anything, lemme know!

    She's also on the lookout for temporary / more permanent housing sitches.

  • What kind of job? What kind of house? I'll be on the lookout!
  • If I have a house by the time she moves here, she should come live with me!
  • whoah @flossy, coolllllll.

    I think she's fairly open to most types of jobs, until she gets more settled. She has a solid photography / fashion background, and some finance / VC experience as well.

    House, also fairly open. Close in, no carpet, etc. Y'all are on the same page about what a nice spot is, I've seen yr spots :)

    We are Possibly (capital P) interested in getting a zone together should the shoe fit snug-like, which would be 2-3 BR, house vibe, walking distance to fun things, ~1300 / 1400.

    I'm also looking for a place for my good friends Johnny & Helen, who are moving here from NYC to start a rad restaurant (which I may be somewhat involved with). Their requirements are:

    no carpet.
    1000 or less preferably (so they can save up for aforementioned restaurant).

    Willow you are so good at finding things!!! <3

  • "moving here from NYC to start a rad restaurant (which I may be somewhat involved with)"

    He's going to be playing the accordion tableside.
  • I don't know. Maybe someone's interested in this. LinkedIn thought I would be for some reason:

    Job Description
    Temporary Web Designer - Sprig Health

    Portland, OR

    This is a full-time temporary assignment for approximately 3 to 6 months with the potential to become full-time, ongoing, with benefits.

    Bring your web design expertise to this role where you will:

    •Create graphic prototypes of site experiences and web-based applications for Sprig Health, part of the Direct Health Solutions Group at Cambia

    •Help shape corporate standards and possess talent for consistently delivering strong creative concepts that meet specific goals as defined by internal customers
    Desired Skills & Experience
    Key qualifications and experience:

    •3 to 8 years in professional design / web experience or equivalent combination of education and work experience

    •Experience with application design, wire framing, experience flows, and information architecture; Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio; Usability testing and persona development; Adobe Acrobat Writer; Macromedia; Silverlight, Action Script & JavaScript a plus

    •Ability and past history of working in a lead creative design role

    •Leadership and capability to drive all creative development in-house, without outsourcing to external agencies

    •Second to none skills in developing creative concepts for the Web including corporate Web sites, application experiences, and extending designs to interactive tools and other Web assets

    •Strong portfolio of successful, large-scale Web design projects

    •Well-developed skills in chopping creative designs into optimized site graphics for Web Designers to build in HTML

    •Excellent presentation skills and ability to sell creative concepts to all levels of employees

    •Strong focus on the user and passionate about the customer experience and usability

    •Must have a strong sense of teamwork and cooperation in a multi-state team environment

    •Background in establishing corporate Web standards, in creating visual designs that meet cross browser compatibility targets, and understands technical implications of creative concepts

    •Expert background in the creative process including needs analysis and requirements gathering to site mapping, wire framing and creative development

    •Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design or related field

    Technical competencies required on the following:

    •Adobe suite of design applications, including PhotoShop, Illustrator. Dreamweaver and Flash a plus; Cross-browser compatibility, primarily with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Firefox, Chrome; Knowledge of XHTML, CSS, XML

    In addition, candidates must be able to:

    •Translate ideas and ambiguous creative briefs into strong visual concepts for the Web

    •Work in a fast-paced environment - agency background a plus

    •Creative and strategic thinking abilities
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    Hey, did you know? I'm a financial and operations manager with +15 years experience in creative and sometimes under-capitalized enterprises. I love clearing through confusion, making a plan, and getting people on track. This can mean entering receipts in a database, helping prepare taxes, auditing financial statements, negotiating with government agencies, or building reports to communicate with partners and prospective investors.

    Astonishingly affordable! :)
  • Rumors is hiring a Portland based studio manager. They are good people.
  • My company is hiring a front end developer. Part time to start, decent pay, weird boss (me).
  • My company is looking for someone who can create next-level social engagement. The ideal candidate has a combo of community and UX experience. Remember how back in the day we didn't have "Like" buttons and now we do? We're looking for an innovator to do big things.

    Kind of an unusual position, but if you know someone...!
  • I suggest instead of like buttons, just put my phone number and people can tell me what they think
  • Seconded on that Rumors gig. If you're into project management and digital-producer-type shit, it would be a great job!
  • Fun fact... Me and Andy from that studio were high school pen pals. He was extremely precocious and talented... I knew him when!
  • How did that happen!?
  • The Internet
    He had a new dream web diary or maybe it was grinell before that
    I had a web site at benicetobears which enjoyed a modest, yet discerning audience
    Presumably I simply wrote him an email that was like You are cool hit me up on ICQ
    And da rest is....... History
  • History never sleeps.
  • My little company is looking for new design talent. Web / print / identity / kick ass.
  • KP is hiring a designer...

    Visual Designer(Job Number: 185287)


    Responsible for the visual design of online communications and marketing materials, including visual concepts, high fidelity layouts, typography and icon design. Lead the intersection of technology and design-- will work alongside designers, developers, and communication managers to create experiences that are compelling, beautiful, and relevant. Responsible for brainstorming creative concepts with project teams, generating multiple stylistic solutions to a problem in pursuit of the 'right' approach, creating style guides and executing on them, participating in visual design presentations to internal and external clients, and preparing visual assets for development.

    Essential Functions:
    • Will work closely with art director, copywriters & communications managers to produce pixel perfect & brand-appropriate design concepts
    • Conceptualize & execute designs for online & social, to increase recognition of kaiser permanente as a leader in quality health care.
    • Provide backup support for design of print projects as well as art direction for overall project scope & brand strategy.
    • Develop & manage all phases of design from concept to design development to final production.
    • Work closely with our front end developers to ensure that the frontend/backend implementation matches the visual comps.
    • Implement the insights around the behaviors, attitudes & emotions of real people, to influence & shape the products & experiences we create.
    • Ensure design quality by employing the principles of proportion, balance, space, appropriate image choice, font selection, etc.
    • Meet project-specific criteria & budgets, reflect best practices for efficiency & timeliness, & reinforce the kaiser permanente brand identity.
    • Aligns communications with regional & national strategies, goals, & standards.
    • As part of a creative team, collaborates with department colleagues to develop & deploy information through the online channels
    • Enhance reputation of communications department through comprehensive functional knowledge of graphic design to resolve corporate/client needs, strategic & creative solutions, & excellent service.
    • Ensure communications activities are consistent with the kaiser permanente brand in terms of tone, manner, & messaging.
    • Leverage knowledge from multiple sources including program office, marketing, medical operations & other sources.
    • Serve as department multimedia, digital resource.
    • Develop web sites, e-communications, etc.
    • Continue development of electronic knowledge as technologies rapidly change.
    • Communicate clearly across the communications team & collaborate to identify requirements, propose solutions, & meet deadlines; provide project direction & status updates.
    • Consults with department clients as appropriate during project development.
    • Build & leverage working relationships throughout company.
    • Interact with all levels of staff & functional areas.
    • Act as resource for design team, including: art direction, technical support, service innovation, & departmental direction.
    • Work with managers to advocate & execute overall department strategy for future online channels & execution.
    • Maintains up-to-date knowledge of our brand & business strategy; our health care delivery system; the health insurance industry; principles of internal communication & change communication.
    • Keep up with new trends in web, mobile & social technology.
    • Keep up-to-date on software, social media, printing techniques, web technology, paper stocks, electronic pre-press & digital media in order to prepare clear, clean, cost-effective solutions.
    • This job description is not all encompassing.


    Basic Qualifications:
    • Three to four (3-4) years of experience in a multi-media firm, in-house corporate publications department, or advertising agency.
    • Experience with social media.
    • Experience preparing visual designs for development teams & working to ensure they are implemented to specification.
    • Associates degree in Graphic Design, Web Design, or User Centered Design or an equivalent combination of knowledge & experience.
    • Two to three (2-3) years of advanced visual design skills using current versions of Dreamweaver, Flash, & Adobe Creative Suite.
    • Creation of diverse collateral for a range of audiences & industries (consumer & business-to-business).
    • Portfolio of work samples should demonstrate mastery of complex, high-end projects.
    • Expert visual design skills including screen layout, information design, visual hierarchies, color, & typography.
    • Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite, Dreamweaver & Flash.
    • Absolute attention to detail is critical.
    • Understanding of visual design as it relates to user experience & product development cycles.
    • Understanding of web standards & technologies, & how visual designs are integrated into a product using CSS, HTML, javascript.
    • Understanding of how CSS can be used to brand graphical user interfaces, control look & feel (font, color, style), & position page elements.
    • Ability to work collaboratively & autonomously.
    • Ability to work on multiple projects concurrently, demonstrating a mature ability to handle many things at once.
    • Should be comfortable discussing user experience & presenting designs to peers and/or executives.
    • Have a desire to keep learning throughout your career.

    Preferred Qualifications:
    • Five to seven (5-7) years of experience in a interactive firm, in-house corporate publications department, or advertising agency.
    • Experience with new online, mobile & social media.
    • Experience building interactive prototypes & demos.
    • Bachelor's degree in web design, graphic design, or user center design or an equivalent combination of knowledge & experience.
    • Ten (10) years advanced visual design skills using current versions of adobe create suite, dreamweaver, fireworks, flash, acrobat, & microsoft office.
    • Excellent oral & written communication skills.
    • Demonstrated ability to create diverse collateral for a variety of audiences.
    • Expert visual design skills including screen layout, information design, visual hierarchies, color, & typography.
    • Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite.
    • Expert in preparing visual designs for development teams & working to ensure they are implemented to specification.
    • Understanding of visual design as it relates to user experience & product development cycles.
    • Proven knowledge of web standards & technologies, & how visual designs are integrated into a product using CSS, HTML, javascript.
    • Working knowledge of CSS.
    • Working knowledge of managed health care delivery systems & the major issues affecting the industry.
    • Working knowledge of portable document format (PDF) technologies, file transfer, & compression options.
    • Working knowledge of corporate brand standards & their application in internal & external communications.
    • Working knowledge of filemaker pro computerized database system (protrack).
    • Proven project mgmt skills.
    • Ability to maintain high productivity amid competing priorities & tight deadlines.
    • Ability to communicate effectively about user centered design issues & objectives.
    • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment & serve as a consultant & resource to department clients.

    Salary Range:
    $56,100 - $74,100


    Managed Artwork is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the Fine Art Industry. Over 700 fine arts professionals use our software daily to manage their business from all over the world. If you're interested in being part of our innovative, web-based, virtualized, technology company, please inquire below.
    Part-Time Support & Training Assistant

    Managed Artwork is looking for a unique person who has experience working in a fine art gallery or fine art business. Although the position is essentially a support representative, a fine art background is essential because our software is tailored exclusively to fine art galleries world-wide. Applicants must be physically located on the West Coast (PST) or Mountain Time (MST) and can work from home during normal gallery business hours. Once you're trained in using our web-based software for fine art galleries, you'll be responsible for answering emails and using skype to communicate with our clients. The primary responsibility is to assist clients, train new clients and to act as a liaison between clients and our technical staff/developers. In addition, the applicant will be responsible for the development of training documents to be utilized by clients. There are other opportunities with this position that can be expanded based on your interests/talents.

    Minimum Requirements:
    Located in US, preferably on the West Coast (PST) or Mountain Time (MST)
    Fine art gallery experience (e.g., Gallery Director, Intern, Artist, etc.)
    Possess computer/laptop, high Speed Internet Connection, have Photoshop Elements (a plus)
    Self motivated, quick-learner, analytical, and detail-oriented.
    Excellent communication skills (oral and written), interpersonal, organizational, and presentation skills.
    Problem solving skills - responding to and resolving client support questions.
    Proficient in Word, Excel, image editing software.
    Able to work independently and efficiently to meet deadlines.
    The ideal candidate will also possess the following skills:
    HTML, CSS and Adobe Photoshop and Web-Design experience.
  • I've been asked to wrangle some extras for a commercial shoot on Thursday of next week, and thought I would give UHX first crack at it.

    The details:

    *it pays $200 for a one day shoot
    *you are responsible for getting yourself to the location, which is on Sauvie Island
    *it is a commercial, but not for a product(I can give you more details offline)
    *we are especially looking for POC and peeps w/kids or outside the usual 20s/30s but all
    are welcome to contact me

    If you are interested and available, please email me via ASAP!

    Important note:

    If you've never been part of a shoot before, please consider these factors before replying:
    The shoot goes ALL DAY. Your call time may be 8a or 7a (I don't think it will be hella early but who knows) and YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING YOURSELF THERE AND BACK. If you don't have a car and/or are not capable of waking up at the ass crack of dawn to take 3 buses and bike your way to the location then forget it. You are also being hired for the whole day, so the "Oh I'd love to btw my reg job starts at 5p so I'll have to be done by then" is not happening. This is an outdoor shoot though so it will not go beyond sunset. Also if there is ANY CHANCE you may flake due to ANYTHING less than a car accident/massive family trauma the day before, this is not the job for you. No "I'm just feeling too bummed" or "a more fun thing came up so I can't make it" or "I am sooo hungover, too bad i didn't set my alarm last night!"

    Sorry to be way harsh, the Portland work ethic can bump up against the film production approach in a gnarly way, and I want to forestall any possible drama.

    If you are responsible and have transpo and get selected, then you'll get paid decent to hang out on Sauvies all day and read your book and eat snacks and occasionally hold stuff up on set!
  • People of color.
  • Interesting small job for a web developer. Bonus if you are interested in transit/transportation.
  • Stumptown is growing, and they have several inside office jobs on their blog.
  • If you're looking for a job - need money, need benefits - I highly recommend you keep an eye on the Kaiser Permanente job board (unless you hate KP, which seems to be the case for a lot of people, but I have not had a bad experience...).
  • Remember when you were in a band or were a band helper? (maybe you still are..) Got AV skills?

    The Portland Art Museum invites applications for the position of a Full Time Audio Visual Technician. Since 1892 the mission of the Portland Art Museum is to engage the public with art and film of enduring quality, to facilitate dialogue with diverse audiences, and to collect, preserve and educate for the enrichment of present and future generations. If you are interested in providing technical audio-visual assistance to the Museum and independent event producers, then apply today!

    Essential Functions:
    • Operation, inventory and maintenance of Museum A/V equipment (slide and video projectors, PA system, stage lights).
    • Schedules equipment use and related operation.
    • Works directly with A/V Supervisor, Production Manager and independent event producers as Museum audio visual advisor in advance of and during events.
    • Focuses and gels theatrical lights; replaces lamps as necessary.
    • Programs lighting cues in ETC console.
    • Programs audio console; sets monitor mixes and EQ’s house system.
    • Assists presenters with Power Point and slide presentations.

    Required Experience:
    • Ability to work effectively with volunteers, Museum staff and the general public.
    • Accuracy, attention to detail and the ability to perform duties effectively under time constraints.
    • Hands-on experience with theatrical sound and lighting.
    • Ability to work a flexible schedule, evenings and weekends.
    • Experience with Microsoft Power Point and carousel style slide projectors.

    This position is non-exempt/hourly, full-time (40 hours per week) with an hourly rate of $17.00 per hour. The position is eligible for the Museum's benefits package first of the month following 30-days of full-time employment. Benefits include medical and dental, paid time off (vacation, sick, holiday, jury duty, bereavement), long-term disability and AD&D, and a variety of perks such as free Museum admission, Gift Shop discounts, and screenings at the NW Film Center. Please see our website for more details.

    Additional Comments:
    To apply online visit: and follow the link to create a profile and upload a resume and cover letter. Please note: you may combine your cover letter and resume into a single word or pdf document instead of entering the cover letter into the text field.

    Please do not delay in applying. Position is open until filled. Please no drop ins or phone calls.

    The Portland Art Museum is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please do not submit multiple application packages. Resumes received without completed employment application or cover letter will not be considered.
  • Bleak wage.... but:

    • Assist in catching loose horses.
  • I know, right!
  • That Meadows job sounds like it would collect many unusual stories!

    Here's 2:

    Snow Peak is a Japanese company which makes camping gear. Their first USA store is here.

    Snow Peak Part-time Retail Associate (NW Portland)
    Job Overview
    Looking for some awesome individuals to join a fun team of people and work in Snow Peak's first US retail store in the Pearl District in Portland, OR. This position is part-time and would be approximately 10-25 hours a week. Retail associates are responsible for providing a complete shopping experience for our customers. If you love building relationships with customers, providing excellent customer service, and sharing your love for the outdoors and design this is the right job for you.

    Store Page:

    Qualifying candidates must have:

    Flexible schedule
    -must be able to work days, evenings and weekends

    Passion for the outdoors
    -live an active lifestyle focused around our product categories. Inform and inspire with firsthand knowledge and product expertise.

    Interest in design/fashion

    Retail/customer service experience preferred
    -outdoor retail experience a plus

    Ability to provide excellent customer service
    -exceed customer expectations

    -inspire customer confidence and create loyalty to the brand

    Demonstrated ability to develop relationships with customers and coworkers
    Ability to positively and proactively handle customer concerns and prioritize multiple tasks.
    Ability to quickly learn new procedures and processes
    Strong organizational and follow-through skills
    Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    High level of ownership, accountability and initiative
    Ability to perform daily tasks such as standing on feet for full shifts, stock work, re-merchandising, display, light cleaning, and light lifting.
    Enthusiasm, an outgoing and hardworking personality

    Please drop off your resume with cover letter in person at 410 NW 14th Ave. 97209 between the hours of 10am-7pm.

    To learn more about career opportunities at Snow Peak please visit


    Information Technology Manager (Portland Art Museum)
    The Portland Art Museum is recruiting for an Information Technology Manager. Since 1892 the mission of the Portland Art Museum is to engage the public with art and film of enduring quality, to facilitate dialogue with diverse audiences, and to collect, preserve and educate for the enrichment of present and future generations. If you are interested in helping with this mission by providing exemplary technological skills, then apply today!

    Essential Duties:

    As Portland Art Museum's IT Manager, you will lead an IT team while playing a key role in troubleshooting a variety of systems. We are looking for a trusted resource with a high level of professionalism who can implement technical solutions. This position oversees all aspects of the museum's information technology. This includes the responsibility for solving all issues or problems concerning all hardware and software systems. The position also manages IT staff, the museum's helpdesk, and a wide variety of IT projects.

    • Executes on an IT strategic plan in collaboration with the IT steering committee and executive management.
    • Manages the purchase of IT equipment and vendor contracts.
    • Manages company-wide user support for software and hardware issues.
    • Provides training to end-users in the use of software applications.
    • Serves as the contact with external vendors to order IT equipment and services.
    • Supervision of IT staff
    • Manages the IT budget in conjunction with the CFO & Directors.
    • Advises and assists departments with system and software purchases, upgrades and project proposals.
    • Provides technical support for all Museum applications including Blackbaud (MS SQL) and MIMSY(Oracle).
    • Conducts evaluation, purchasing, installation, configuration, and maintenance of information technology hardware and software.
    • Manages hardware and software inventory.
    • Assists with Website management.

    Job Qualifications:

    • BA in Computer Science, Management Information Systems (MIS), or related degree.
    • Excellent interpersonal, time management, verbal communication and customer service skills.
    • Excellent organizational, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.
    • Ability to work with others and partner with outsourced IT company(s).
    • Ability to cultivate and manage strong relationships with vendors and partners.
    • 3 years of experience providing IT staff supervision and management.
    • Experience and expertise in Microsoft-centric environment.
    • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification a plus.
    • An ability to negotiate contracts to obtain optimal pricing quotes.
    • Must have an understanding of modern technology and its business applications.
    • Proven track record demonstrating ability to troubleshoot IT issues in a business environment.
    • Ability to exercise good judgment and maintain confidentiality.
    • Apple and Linux experience a plus.
    • Ability to lift 50lbs.

    Application Process:

    This position is exempt/salaried, full-time (40 hours per week) with a salary depending on experience. The position is eligible for the Museum's benefits package first of the month following 30-days of full-time employment. Benefits include medical and dental benefits, paid time off (vacation, sick, holiday, jury duty, bereavement), long-term disability and AD&D, and a variety of perks such as free Museum admission, Gift Shop discounts, and screenings at the NW Film Center. Please see our website for more details.

    To apply online visit: and follow the link to create a profile and upload a resume and cover letter. Please note: we recommend you combine your cover letter and resume into a single word or pdf document instead of entering the cover letter into the text field.

    Please do not delay in applying. Position is open until filled.

    The Portland Art Museum is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please do not submit multiple application packages. Resumes received without completed employment application or cover letter will not be considered. Please no drop-ins or phone calls.

  • Another "webmaster" position - this one for the Oregon Historical Society:
  • Marketing "project coordinator" position at KP:

    Project Coordinator - Marketing Communications(Job Number: 200321)

    At Kaiser Permanente Northwest, the work you do every day supports the health of our members. That’s because each of us—from our financial, business, and IT experts, to our RNs, allied health professionals, and physicians—shares a commitment to providing the best possible care experience. Widely regarded as a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, the Pacific Northwest blends urban bustle with open space in a way that is sure to enhance your own state of well-being. Looking to build a rewarding career in an environment that supports your success? Join us and put your beliefs into practice.


    The Marketing Communications Project Coordinator supports the Promotion and Direct Marketing team in ensuring that project results fulfill client objectives, reflect Kaiser Permanente brand standards, meet all required criteria for accuracy and compliance, and are completed in a timely, cost-effective manner. The Project Coordinator coordinates communications projects for multiple marketing and member retention programs for program-wide, regional, and/or service area clients. This position supports the Marketing Consultants in problem-solving, decision-making, and client contact. This position also collaborates with Brand Management, Creative Services, Operations and Production, and other functional areas to promote and support Integrated Marketing Communications goals.

    Essential Functions:
    • Handle day-to-day logistics between units to ensure routine projects move forward promptly. Continually track and document project status against timeline.
    • Coordinate and route creative drafts/brief for team/client/functional partner review. Review project components to ensure that project deliverables fulfill criteria outlined in the creative brief, and update project schedule in database to accurately indicate current status.
    • Provide updates to functional partners & teams as applicable (e.g. Communications Consultants, Brand Management, Creative Services, etc.).
    • Ensure that final materials meet specifications and budget requirements with regard to printing, distribution and/or Web processes.
    • Under direction, develops project work plans (including schedules and cost estimates) for routine projects and reprints.
    • Provides relevant input to Creative Services and Operation and Production units to ensure completion of routine projects within project parameters, including budget and schedule.
    • Demonstrate appropriate behaviors based on established best practices for efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy.
    • Keep abreast of brand standards, regulatory and legal guidelines, market research, key competitive information, media and legislative issues, and organizational goals.
    • Opens routine and/or moderately complex projects as assigned and closes projects in a timely fashion, using departmental project management software applications.
    • Route project for approval as appropriate and ensure all necessary signoffs are secured (regulatory, legal, brand, and client) prior to production.
    • Continually track and document project status against timeline. Update project schedule in database to accurately indicate current status.
    • Track project costs against established budget and report results to appropriate parties/ stakeholders in a timely and accurate manner.
    • Continually evaluate project components for effectiveness against criteria and develop alternative solutions as required.
    • Appropriately escalate project issues and provide client consultation and service.
    • Handle additional duties as necessary or assigned in support of the department.


    Basic Qualifications:
    • Minimum two (2) years of related experience in marketing, publications, and/or advertising.
    • Experience developing communications projects for a range of marketing segments or industries.
    • Bachhelor's degree or equivalent experience in communications, marketing, advertising or design required.

    Preferred Qualifications:
    • Health care industry experience preferred.
    • Portfolio of work samples preferred.

    Salary Range:
    $48,460 - $63,940
    Primary Location: Oregon-Portland-Kaiser Permanente Building 500 NE Multnomah St.

    Scheduled Hours (1-40): 40

    Shift: Day

    Working Days: Monday - Friday

    Working Hours Start: 8:00AM

    Working Hours End: 5:00PM

    Schedule: Full-time
  • Check this one out. Can I just state publicly that I think it's hilariousthat this person is supposed to have an MFA? Jesus.

    Studio Arts

    Studio Art Technical Director and Sculpture Assistant

    Position Summary
    The Technical Director and Sculpture Assistant serves two main functions: In the role of Studio Art Department support, this role oversees the studio art building and facilities, including the maintenance of the sculpture facilities, art gallery, and studios. S/he supports the faculty in arranging visiting artists, visiting lectures, installs thesis and department exhibitions when needed. In the role of Sculpture Assistant, s/he supervises students using Art Department tools and machinery and properly maintains equipment and workspace with a primary focus on the sculpture facility. S/he oversees ceramics staff and student workers in the maintenance of the studio building and the sculpture facilities. Ensuring the safety of staff and students in the Art Department is a major focus of this work.

    This is a full-time, exempt position, working 37.5 hours per week with a regular work schedule of 8:30 am to 5 pm. During approximately four weeks each semester, this role will work extended hours from 7 pm to 10 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, in order to build stretcher frames with Painting students. Starting pay is $54,000 per year. Reed College offers a benefits package that is unparalleled. Benefits include comprehensive medical and dental insurance, 403(b) retirement plan with 10% employer contribution, retiree medical plan, college tuition assistance for employees’ children, paid holidays, paid vacation and many other campus amenities, such as membership to the campus fitness center for employee and spouse and discounted TriMet bus passes.

    Essential Functions

    Department Support:
    •Oversees the maintenance of the studio art building, including the gallery, to assure art work is hung properly, stored properly, and that studios are safe and working well.
    •Coordinates gallery use and exhibition space within the Art building.
    •Supports the faculty in arranging visiting artists, visiting lectures, thesis and qualifying exams and exhibitions when needed.
    •Oversees thesis exhibition design and construction. Oversees the showing of student work in Vollum, the Performing Arts Building and other locations on campus as needed.
    •Purchases supplies for studio art courses as needed; records and keeps a record of all purchases.
    •Provides studio art faculty and students assistance with critique installations in the gallery as needed.
    •Maintains and sets up projection space, including the moving of tables and chairs for lectures or seminars.
    •Oversees and works with student workers and/or ceramics staff to maintain classrooms, thesis studios, halls and student lounge.
    •Oversees and works with student workers and/or ceramics staff in the maintenance of the gallery space, including patching and painting the walls and/or making work orders to Physical Plant.
    •Oversees student workers and ceramics staff in general tasks in the art building.

    Education and Experience Required
    •Master’s Degree in Fine Arts is preferred, or any combination of experience and education which provides the skills, knowledge, and ability required to perform the work.
    •Knowledge of fine arts wood and metal fabrication and multimedia installation is required.
    •Five years’ work experience in a sculpture or other fine arts studio is required.
    •Experience teaching students is required.
    •Leadership experience (i.e. directly managing the work of other full-time employees) is preferred
    •First Aid and CPR certification is required

    To Apply
    Address a Letter of Introduction (including a link to your work), your resume and a Reed Application for Employment to Geraldine Ondrizek, Professor of Art. Email these application materials to Cathy D’Ambrosia, Department Assistant at In your letter, answer the question “How would this position at Reed College fit with your long-term professional goals?” The deadline for applying is October 1, however you are encouraged to apply early, as applications will be considered as they are submitted.

    Reed College values cultural diversity and intellectual pluralism as critical components of academic excellence. We welcome applications from women, members of historically underrepresented minority groups, persons with disabilities, and others who would bring additional dimensions of experience to our community.

    Deadline: October 1, 2013
  • edited September 2013
    person found, thanks all!
  • In my inbox:

    New positions are now available at Emerge Interactive. We are actively recruiting for:

    Front-end Developer

    As a reminder, we're also hiring for these positions:
    UX Designer
  • Here is one at Indow, glad to refer.

    Graphic Designer / Associate Creative Director
    Company Indow Windows
    City Portland
    State Oregon
    Job Description We are looking for a creative, visual individual who shares our passion for the environment and for the growth and success of the company. You enjoy a collaborative approach, letting others play with and expand upon the creativity you bring to every project and riffing off of other’s ideas. You are looking to develop a deep relationship with a single brand, bringing it to life and helping it to become a national household name. The person we hire will be a candidate for a Director of Marketing role as Indow Windows grows.

    Please visit our website for more information and the complete job description.
    Apply Website
    sam at indowwindows dot com

    It comes from one of my favorite sites which I frequented often before finding my dream green job.
  • another little video production gig, via Kat Gardiner, if you are excited about the Affordable Care Act:

    Hi all. I'm looking for Oregonians who are excited about the affordable care act and want to share their stories about what the new healthcare exchange is going to mean to them, personally. We will be capturing brief testimonial style videos that will be used in a TV commercial. The shoot is slated to shoot in Portland on Oct 9th and 10th. There will be compensation for time and travel and each participant will only need to come for part of one of the above mentioned days.

    If you (or someone you know) might be interested in participating, please let me know. (Also, do feel free to share this update, just ask your friends to email me at if they are interested in telling their story)
  • It's in Vancouver unfortunately, but Wacom is looking for a product marketing manager. Selling Cintiq all day wouldn't be bad.

    Squarespace opening a customer care office in Portland.
  • There's that "strategist" title again. I want to be a strategist.
  • High stress tho :)
  • I'd rather be a tactician. A digital tactician.
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