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2nd Hand Apple Market

edited October 2013
Nobody has an extra apple laptop power cord (MAGSAFE 2) lying around do they?
They are so expensive new.

Prefer 85w.


  • I am so sad because I thought this was going to be about giving people (me) apples (the fruit) that you didn't want

  • I don't know what all those terms and numbers mean but we do have an old Mac power cord you can have. It is for my old computer, the one you drove me to the store to replace. Will that work? If so you can have it
  • in exchange for your used apples (the fruit)
  • I thought about the name of this topic and tricking you. it was on purpose. i ate like 25 apples in the last week after going to the orchard. some were as big as my head too. now they are all gone.
  • i think that old one won't actually work for me cause i have a 15" macbook pro and it needs one that puts out more WATTS but thank you. i might try it.
  • you are free to take it!
    I love that the title of this thread was meant to trick me and that it did actually trick me!!!!!
  • If you have a broken one, try taking to the Apple Store dudes. I've gotten 3 or 4 replaced this way.
  • I threw it in the garbage like a dummy. They shouldn't break like they do. That one was 2ish years old. Would they replace?
  • Yeah, I agree, they are way too fragile. I think every single power adapter I've had from Apple has eventually broken.

    I don't think I've ever had them turn me down when I ask for them to be replaced. They will say "We don't normally do this," but then they do it. Last time Anja was the one who asked for replacements and she didn't have whatever info they needed to find out how old they were, but they did it anyways. Like, the computer and its serial number was not involved at all, just swapped out broken adapters.
  • Saw this in a Facebook ad today:
  • or u could DIY it w a $10 pack of sugru:
  • Damn, I forgot about sugru.
  • Did you make a dumb appointment, or just waltz in with your broken cord?

    Mine is broken, about to die...
  • I've always just waltzed.
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