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edited March 2014
I deactivated my account again!
I feel like FB is a comedic venue that really works for me but the ads, the obnoxious political stuff, stupid things people's stupid dads write on their walls, etc., is too overwhelming.
I'm sure I'll be back.


  • I posted two things yesterday after not having done that for a year or so! I generally dislike it, but I enjoyed reading your insane cascade of posts.

    My grandma is on FB and has mostly driven me away. Too weird.
  • ha ha I just got back on
  • YT you can install ad-blockers for FB, it's really grand.
  • Use the "unfollow" feature liberally to eliminate a bunch of the stuff you don't want to see aka 99% of your "friends".
  • When I realize I can unfollow someone on Instagram or FB it's like a magical revelation that changes my life drastically for the better.

    You'd have never seen that dumb picture of my pup if you weren't on there!
  • Unfollowing I think is almost healthy because being reminded daily in your news feed of the people you had falling outs with during this crazy 'life" thing can just lead to hang ups and I think longer held grudges. This is true for me at least. Sometimes I just need to walk away from things for a minute before I can forgive and come back to them and facebook and other social stuff does nothing but make that process harder. Also though, just fuck facebook. I left back in January and then found myself unconsciously logging in all the time! I had to deactivate my account like 5 times before my pre-bedtime stoned zombie internetting habits stopped logging in. Look people in the eye and stuff. Get out of facebook. Make friend requests in real life.
  • I've been off of facebook for about two years. It took some time to learn how to be a human again, but now my IRL social relationships are flourishing and long lost friendships have been meaningfully rekindled. Highly recommended!
  • It's depressing but honestly I toy with quitting facebook because I want to spend all those facebook hours doing OTHER THINGS ON THE INTERNET, like reading academic journals and following academic presses' new releases and stuff. Here I go
  • Well part of the Eich thing is: what's the point of having a vote on something if you're "not allowed" to support one of the sides of the vote?
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