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Portland high schools

edited April 2014
I know very little about Portland high schools, but I want to help my coworker find a school for his daughter who has had a lot of social/emotional and disciplinary problems. She likes drawing and is an intelligent, creative thinker, but she struggles in a traditional academic environment. She loves to push boundaries. Any recommendations for alternative high schools in Portland? They're in Beaverton, so SW schools?

I'm just glad he has opted out of sending her back to China to go to a super strict boarding school, which sounds intense.


  • My cousin's kids go to this hippieish charter school:
  • Their logo is a fucking yin yang so they're doing something right. Also Sierra went there. Have heard good things about that place but I know NOTHING about educating children so my words are meaningless. I bet Azure would be a good person to ask.
  • If they live in Beaverton she'll need to find a Beaverton Public School unless they apply for a waiver and get accepted. Even then I don't know if she'd be eligible for any of the alternative programs in PPS because they're available through a lottery system only- I don't know if out of district transfers are allowed to enter the lottery.

    That said, Beaverton has great schools, including some alternative programs though I don't know much about them. The best way for your friend to set his daughter up for success is to establish an honest and thorough line of communication with her new guidance counselor, explaining her particular strengths and areas of need. The more informed her new school is the better they can support her. I know it seems like common sense but it's shocking how many families send their challenged/challenging kids to school with no background info at all.
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    Totally Wanda. The new school will definitely have to know about her particular needs in order for her to do well there, and I don't know if her parents would have been aware of who to contact. Good to know about the difficulty of transferring to PPS too; I emailed Korinna Wolfe to ask about out of district students & the alternative PPS programs.

    I think he'd also send her to a private school if one fit, but something like Catlin would be way to competitive for her right now and he doesn't think the strictness of a Catholic school would help. I'm researching the others, but I don't know much about them. Azure would be a good person to ask!
  • MLC could be good.

    Avoid Lincoln High- is similar to Catlin, but without the private school resources.
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