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Anyone have an iPhone?

edited July 2014
Anyone have an iPhone for sale? For cheap?

Asking for a friend. Any model.



  • Come on, guys, you're letting me down here. The truth of the matter is that I am trying to prove a point to BillMc that there are "cheap" used iPhones to be had in the world (and by "cheap" I mean "less than the $550 it apparently costs to by a new one").

    You are not helping me! And, in fact, the BillMc just wagged his finger at me and said, "he he he" in the manner of the bully from The Simpsons because he knows I'm losing.

  • I haven't paid for an iPhone in 4 years ;)
  • I have a 4 sitting in a drawer, but I keep it around just in case. I probs should just sell it I guess. Verizon almost always has a deal on old ones for like a hundred.
  • UBS says you can get a 5c for 100 bucks
    it's what I'd do if my husband would let me
  • I'm the same as Tom. Would sell my old 4, but I think I'd only get like $50-75? The LED flashlight always stays on a little bit and the Home button is finicky.
  • Also, while we're on this topic. The AT&T website decided it would stop allowing me to access the "Upgrade your phone" part of the website, and I spent a long time dealing with several customer service nightmares and it's still broken. HATE THEM.

    Just hate when companies get so big that their systems are like 50 different archaic systems patched together and no one knows how to fix things when they go weird.
  • welcome to neoliberalism! our new reality will soon be a single Corporation that runs every single aspect of our lives.

    I for one welcome our new ant overlords
  • Thank you for your help! I think I have officially proven my point to BillMc.
  • I just sold my 4s for $150 online. Cool deal.
  • Anyone got a T-mobile or unlocked GSM phone (takes a sim card) I could buy/rent as a loaner?
  • the power button on my iPad broke
  • I'm looking for a drawer-phone. Anyone got an iPhone 3G or 4 that they should have sold back when it was worth something? I want to get a big stupid chunky protective case for it and make it Calvin's new photography platform. It doesn't have to be very good to be better than what he's got.

  • Maybe, lemme check on the "tech drawer" in our basement for you! It's a 3G that may not work at all but I might be able to get it running just for camera stuff.
  • Also I have 2 Android watches that have literally NO use if you want to get him a smart watch. Anybody else want one? They are like 1.5 years old. One with round face one with square face. I don't use or care about watches.
  • Thanks for looking. 3G would be great. Never going to activate phone service on it, so who even cares about that.
  • I have a 3g, but last I checked it was hung up at the launch screen
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