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edited October 2014
I've spent a week systematically unsubscribing from all the shit that pours into my inbox constantly.
am I just a latecomer to this practice? Has everyone else already been doing this?
Like, why am I getting five emails a day from America's Test Kitchen? Who the fuck would want five emails a day from America's Test Kitchen?
Also, I can not handle the barrage of progressive org emails with the increasingly hysterical subject lines. Every goddamn day there are fifteen emails titled "YOUR LAST CHANCE" and "IT IS ALREADY TOO LATE FOREVER" and "GOODBYE HUMANITY IF YOU DON'T OPEN THIS EMAIL"

There are too many!!!!!!! No one could act on this many emails! No one could donate as much time and money as is being desperately begged for! It makes me feel insane!

Some of my unsubscribes I feel guilty about (CREDO action), others I don't (American's Test Kitchen, Barack Obama)

I am trying to streamline the impact of the internet on my life. I am still off Facebook and it feels fucking great. I deleted so many apps off my phone. Perhaps if I unsubscribe from enough mailing lists, my life will finally be simple and easy!!!!!

this world is fucking crazy


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