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Veteran's Day

edited November 2014
My new state has approximately 100 officially-recognized holidays, and today is one of them.
Veteran's day!!!!!!

I'm at home, prepping for class and drinking nog-coffee, when normally I would be sweating my balls off in my office having 8,000 meetings



  • Also guys did I tell you that this whole semester I thought we had class the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, which sucks, but then only a couple weeks ago did I realize that because the holiday officially starts at 5:00pm on Wednesday, I actually DON'T have class, because my Wednesday classes are at 6:00 pm and 7:25pm? So since the only shit I have to do before then on Wednesday is preparatory meetings and shit for those classes, we just cancel all those too? Which means my week that week is ONE DAY LONG and then I have a SIX DAY Thanksgiving Break?

    In short I would say the scheduling office really did me a solid this semester, in spite of my epic 8 a.m. grad seminar on Tues/Thurs

    Just wanted to share because I just looked at my calendar and became jubilant.


  • You are living the dream 100%
  • edited November 2014
    That sounds like some T-Day pinko Teachers Union tax dollar handout hocus pocus that I don't mind telling you kind of T-s me off! S'cuse me if an honest day's work isn't reward enough for an honest day's pay up in some pointy-headed ivory towers these days! Call me old-fashioned but I remember when vigilance and a wooden nickel would get you a hot cup of liberty that nobody minded chipping in for and you could never take back. Thanksgiving this go-round feels more like YourWelcomeTaken and I don't need a piece of paper on my wall telling me that's not the right lesson to be filling up the empty minds of the next generation with because We The People paid that piper with our own blood, sweat and tears and know this tune by HEART!

  • I am a veteran, i never went to war*.

    *Though I did receive a medal for signing up for the Army in a time of war.
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