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Industrial Hemp

edited November 2014
I'd explore investing in land for this. Anybody interested?


  • Jah provide.
  • Do you have a number for Jah?
  • For real tho, I see my future somewhere in this industry. Maybe not the hemp side, but who knows. I'm just interested in working with plants instead of people.
  • It's interesting how the political economies on either side of the Columbia showed their divergent tendencies in setting up their respective regimes.
  • Interested to hear you go into more detail on your thoughts there.
  • Yeah I'd like to hear more as well. I think I like Oregon's more liberal approach, where you can grow and give your own in addition to the tax-based "weed store" system.
  • One interesting thing I read in the law itself was that you can't make "extracts" at your house, with the one exception of using vegetable glycerin.

    For anyone who hasn't tried it, weed tincture is a nice way to have some liquid sunshine during the gloomy months, so knowing this legal tidbit is useful.
  • Basically, Washington went for a neoliberal, state-managed market that favors big capital, while Oregon chose a system that locks in Artisanal Homebrew.
  • Tincture's also a good way to get high without the harshness of smoking. Also more measurable than some random edible.

    Maybe they prohibit extracts because idiots (especially in Forest Grove apparently) keep blowing up their houses trying to make hash oil?
  • In Seattle there's a massive 'Concentrates' market that, yes, uses all sort of volatile chemicals. It may be that the authors of the law sought to close that um... flamboyant loophole.
  • I had a 'dab' experience earlier this year (ingesting the product of concentrates). I found it quite unpleasant. I doubt I'll see any reason to try it again.
  • Ahem...

    But we were discussing a real estate venture...
  • Bob, yes, explosions are definitely why they specified this detail.
  • Leland, I know there are a few UHX members who are interested in the new possibilities. We need to organize some real world meetups to talk about what could happen.
  • edited November 2014
    I would look forward to that, Diane. It's time to reallocate my assets. And cannabis has always served me as an ideal retirement vehicle (even in the middle of the day).
  • I've been chronicling my interest in the business side of legal cannabis at
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