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Basic Hotels Please!!!

edited November 2014
Sometimes on business trips I have to stay at an Omni or something, but I feel more comfy in a more trashy hotel. There are more free amenities in a basic hotel. Omni's still charge $15/day for wi-fi.
But it is more than that: I am on a shitty business trip in Bellevue and I like this little "la Residence" I'm in. It has a full kitchen!!!! This hotel has a silly little dining table and overall it is crappy and not something anyone would ever take a picture of BUT there are dishes on the table! And wine glasses!Pizza and wine and forget about my day - thankyouverymuch. Also - I am not classy - I am from a place called Oxnard. (nardcore ya'll)


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    I may as well use this thread to say there's a sublet in Seattle in for the entire month of December. Nice little two bedroom pad by the lake. We could talk about weekly rates... Easy busing, biking... heck there's even a light rail to the airport like some other places (and OURS even turns into a full-scale model subway 'experience' downtown!) .... 15 mins to downtown by bike (sorry, this town has hills in many inconvenient places... but they aren't very big hills once you get to know them.. ) inquire with vbstope at the gmail.
  • I've been on the road for the last four months working on a commercial project and I've stayed at a shit ton of hotels. I like old funky hotels but they are way more likely to have bedbugs or gross bathrooms so we have been staying in newer, more chain-y ones.
    My go to for biz is Holiday Inn Express. The entire franchise is brand new or very recently updated, super simple / basic, clean as fuck, blazing fast (for a hotel) free as shit wifi, and the rooms are usually quite inexpensive. Yeah sure it's boring but sometimes when you're on the road you just want your basics covered.

    That said, I like lots of other hotels.

    I love staying at the Palace in San Francisco because it's old and cool:

    I also just stayed at the Westin Market St. in SF and it was totally decently updated. I would NOT recommend Hotel Zetta in SF as it's shitty and has terrible customer service.

    I've stayed many times at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas for work, but I really like Palms Place better because it's nicer and cheaper and has all those great amenities for free. (It was built as condos before the crash so each unit has a mini-kitchen and plenty of room). I'd also recommend the Wynn and Encore in Vegas, though these are a little spendier. Golden Nugget in old town is also the Jam, though already getting a little dirty from their recent update. When I was last in Vegas a couple weeks ago we stayed a night at the new SLS hotel, which although new / trying to be fancy, you have to be up for the neon-laced rooms and "new vegas hotel" hip-douche vibe.

    The Marriott Courtyard hotels have been the hotels most used on this gig, and they are usually fine though not my personal favorite. One nice amenity is that they usually have a weird coffee bar / breakfast thing in the Lobby which makes it super convenient for work trip shit. I stayed at one in Cleveland that had a straight up mediocre but totally acceptable restaurant on the ground floor.

    The Standard hotels are usually pretty great, though a bit pricey. I've stayed at every location and the only one I didn't like was the DTLA location, which felt pretty cheesy. Beverly Hills has a weird dance club that you have to walk through a kitchen to get to. The one in Miami has a straight up Hamam and this weirdly large pool.

    The Ace is a totally great work hotel if you are in a larger city! They all have great restaurants / Good wifi / proximity to coffee! The London one has a flower shop, if you are into that bullshit. I also just love staying there because they'll give you legitimately good recommendations for the surrounding area.

    God, I've stayed at a lot of hotels! And so many other weird ones, cheap chinese built empty ones in SE Asia, sneaking into ridiculously fancy ones in India for overpriced wine, treetop eco ones in jungles, the weird castle Fairmont Chateau Laurier in Ottawa I was at last week... I could write a dumb coffee table book.
  • I just stayed at a Hilton and it ruled
  • When one must stay at an airport, Aloft is a good place to be. Clean, corny "hip" vibe, giant beds right up against giant tv screens, no "extra space for a sitting table" bullshit.
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    I like Aloft too. I stayed in the Brooklyn one.
  • Holiday Inn Express in Frankfurt, Germany was really nice. Similar to Aloft.
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