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edited November 2014
Alex and I are hosting GHH at Hale Pele and you should come. Get there early to enjoy nog, cause they will run out...



  • FAQ:

    What if I don't like rum or nog?

    Then don't order that. Or order it and give it to someone else.

    What I can't make it?

    Then we'll see you next time.

    Can I order multiple drinks?

    Yes. $1 for every drink until we run out of money ($50 total).

    Why do you do this?

    We honestly don't know. It has a terrible ROI.

    Who is invited?

    You and your friends. But no one else.

    What about ________?

    That's outside the scope of this event.
  • Going to do my best to make it to this one, as I'm very curious about this nog.
  • This is high end nog. But at least you'll get $1 off.
  • The nog is quite good, homemade style, rich tasting but not syrupy. **** / ****
  • Arg! I will be in Santa Barbara meeting the gf's fam for thanksgiving ;/
  • last night we had toddies made with spicy ginger, lemon, cinnamon sticks, maple syrup, and rye whiskey
  • The nog was good, but such small portions! I can't really complain, tho, because my nogs got paid for. A THANKSGIVING MIRACLE. Big ups Dixon folks.
  • I was hoping for a more eggy nog! It was good but a little too close to "nutmeggy Baileys". I think it was better last year. Either way, a great GHH and yes, much thanks to Dixons for picking up the tab! Jeeeeeeez so generous! #thanks
  • True, it was a lot like Baileys.
  • I'm inspired now to make my own nog, rather than waiting for the "powers that be" to put in stores. Thanks for a nogariffic gettogether and conversation.
  • WHAT!?!?!
    I left too early and paid for my own damn nogs!
    (actually my lady paid for the dogs)
  • edited November 2014
    Since the bill was already combined she insisted it was too great a pain to parse the poke. The mom Dixon is hard to argue with in these matters. One time, two and a half years ago, Mike paid for a fancy sushi dinner with the moms and husband and she STILL tells him how upset that made her.
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