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edited November 2014

MATT, remember how you lived there until VERY recently!?


  • I do not miss living in Rochester. Fuck snow.
  • Those pictures legit terrified me. That would be scary as hell - total snowpocalypse.
  • One year everything got encased in a pretty thick layer of ice. It was super bizarre.
  • yeah that shit is FUCKED. last winter Buffalo broke just about every shitty-weather record there was. it was awful. but now they are on pace to break them all again. i am so glad i am not there.
  • I feel sorry for Buffalo. it is actually a really great town with so much potential, except the weather is just god awful. 200 years ago the city made so much geographical sense- on the eastern end of the Great LAkes shipping corridor, and all that cheap electricity that Niagara Falls created, made Buffalo a rich and prosperous industrial mecca. But then the Canadians opened the St Lawrence Sea-Way, electricity got cheap everywhere else, and all the factories moved to Mexico. Now Buffalo doesn't really have reason to be there, and while it desperately tries to reinvent itself this weather just reminds everyone that there really is no good reason to live there.
  • For reals, they should definitely just bail on it.
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