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Paying For UrHo

edited December 2014
Trying out an experiment:

You can help keep the lights on for UrHo. The goal is to get $5 a week. If you can't swing it or things are tight, no worries! If you can spare some change or even a buck a week, that's awesome.

Questions? Is this dumb? Interesting?


  • edited December 2014
    This is a live tally of how much is pledged:

  • Hosting is $8.50 a month, but we usually pay for 12 months at a time so it's slightly less.

    That's $102 a year.

    If we get $5 a week that's $260 a year, so we can cover other expenses. Other expenses happen, but have never been tracked, so I have no idea what they are.

    Maybe we should elect a Treasurer?
  • That tally does not appear to be live.
  • I subscribed

  • Maybe not live... maybe it just updates every once in a while?
  • We're at $2.25 a week already. That's rad.

    Gratipay is anon. Which is cool, but unless you join the urban honking team on gratipay there is no way to know who is contributing.
  • It's not really clear how to join the team, but I chipped in.
  • I'm slightly confused about the payment system, from their FAQ:

    "Payments are distributed every Thursday. Payments come out of your current balance (the money people have paid to you), and if that's not enough, Gratipay can charge your credit card to make up the difference. We upcharge to cover a processing fee of 2.9% + 30¢ when pulling money in from your credit card. We also charge you no less than $10 at a time, to minimize credit card processing fees. Anything extra remains in your account to be used next week"

    So they charge a minimum of $10, which they then store for you and remove funds from weekly until it runs out, then they re-up from your credit card?

    So a $10 payment would last about 20 weeks if I wanted to give 50 cents a week?
  • That's how I understood it.
  • So much of this website is confusing, but they were super nice when I asked them a question via email.

    Also, we're up to $3.50 a week. Thanks!
  • Praying for UrHo
  • Its working Steve we are up to 4.50/wk!

    Which one do you pray to? I'm switching over-- mine never gives me shit.
  • Just bumped it up. $5 a week! You're welcome. #notanonymous
  • @UncleBoatShoes2011
    I am pretty out of it these days and I kept reading "Praying for UFO".
  • As someone who lurks a lot and always enjoys content, contributing a bit of money each week is no worries.
  • For those who want, you can join the Urban Honking community on Gratipay:
  • Okay, I'm guessing if you log into gratipay you'll see that you all have some leftover money in there.

    The site is still broke and I'm sad to leave it, but let's all bail, okay?

    You have to login, click on your username, attach an email (use whatever you use for paypal), and then attach that email to paypal, and then email Gratipay Support and tell them you'd like to close your account.

    YIKES! That's a lot of work...

    Really appreciate everyone who was giving. It was really adding up! I'll try to find a new solution.
  • Received two days ago from Gratify:


    You're cleared for payout on Thursday, after which you can close your account.


    Weirdest close-out process ever.
  • Yeah, Matt seemed cool, though.
  • edited August 2015
    The crux of the problem is the stored value: holding funds in a balance that can then be redistributed, in our opinion, qualifies as money transmission
    Interesting as the KMikeyM Exchange also meets that definition...
  • No. In KmikeyM you bought a PDF and I sent it to you and then I took your money. It's a store.
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