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Professor Talkin'

edited December 2014
second to last day of finals week! Tomorrow is not only actually Friday, and not only the last day of finals week, but it's the ultimate TGIF because then it is CHRISTMAS BREAK and I have 5 weeks off motherfuckers

I should say it's the second-most ultimate TGIF because lets be honest, the one before summer break is pretty epic


  • schools on the quarter system only have 2 weeks off for christmas and you spend the first week of it getting all your grades in

    I have a friend in the quarter system and I can barely talk to her about it she gets so upset
  • 5 weeks! That's amazing. Even I get 2 weeks and I work for a capitalist marketing agency!
  • edited December 2014
    Stoked because it's almost time for our annual XMAS trip to Breitenbush. Sleeping! Volcanic sauna! Nudity! Hot springs! Hippie jam session in the crystal temple!
  • well to be fair it's not like it is actually time "off." It's just time you can finally devote to all the other non-teaching (but equally dire/important/part of your contract) work that you don't have time for during the semester.

    But it is just nice to not have to go to campus.

    however I just realized I am on a search committee and so will probably be having to go to campus a bunch anyway, which fills me with depression and angst
  • My college was on the quarter system and it sucked.
  • what's up motherfuckers about to submit my final grades
    I had more straight-up full-on Fs this semester than ever before in my life. I think I've only ever failed one person up to now. This semester it's like four. To be fair I have 200 more students than I've ever had before, so it's a numbers game.

    Getting an F in a fun discussion-based class about art where "just showing up" is 20% of your grade is unimaginable to me but you'd be amazed what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it
  • also had a conversation with a student where he asked me how he can file a complaint about my final exam because he didn't like a question on it.
    "You want to file a complaint about this exam question?"
    "Yeah, who should I send it to?"
    "Okay, thanks."

  • I would LOVE to be your classroom ombudsman.

  • That would be GREAT. I wish you could be!!!
    "Please contact our course Ombudsman for all grade grubbing, whining, quibbling, and demanding to know what your grade is before final grades have been submitted. I will be on the beach with a mai-tai"
  • Surf's up at the Northampton beach.
  • HA! I want to file a complaint about your final as well. I'll send it to Mike.
  • I had a student miss almost half the semester and only hand in about a third of the assigned course-work. Four days after missing the final exam (and coincidently one day before grades were due) he sent me an email about how he had an interview with a fortune-500 company and that's why he missed the final. I was like, "GOOD LUCK WITH THAT."
  • ^^^^
    I'm sure that in a couple years he'll be making 10x as much money as I do.
  • I've had a couple of these this year. One missed all but ONE class, handed in half the work over email, then two days after the final exam emailed me saying "I'm planning on doing the extra credit assignment, should I email it to you?" I wrote back saying the extra credit assignment had been due on Nov. 19 and we would no longer accept it and also that this student had fully failed the course with like a 39%. Student was DEEPLY shocked and horrified. I truly don't get it??

    I think we get a lot of fucking business majors who think an art class is an actual joke and then are surprised there is actual work and knowledge to be attained

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