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it's still real to me dammit

edited February 2011
i hope everyone has seen this by now, but i only just saw it

"thank y'all for what y'all do to y'all's bodies"


  • edited February 2011

    i would cry on the mic too, if met these guys

    but it would probably be because of hypnosis

    or breakdancing

    or both
  • i hadn't seen that, Wolfy.
    I appreciated it.
    i wanna know who the wrestlers on the panel are!
  • I know!!!
    I saw this featured on the show "Tosh.O," which I had never heard of before.
    But tosh found this man, the crying man, and brought him on.
    He was very good humored about it. He said he read some of the comments on youtube that said he must be psychotic or mentally handicapped but he's not, he's just a regular ol' guy who just loves some wrestling so much.
    "Do you know that wrestling isn't real."
    "Whether it's real or not, the physicality of it is awesome."
  • doesn't part of it seem so Ferrell to you?
    all the "y'all guys" and the crying while saying "it's AWESOME!"

  • in Adam's clip my favorite is when the guy slides forward on his face and the announcer, beside himself with joy, screams "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT" and his voice breaks


    "There's nothing about hypnotosis in the wrestling rulebook"
  • I expected so much more from that "Baby trashes bar" clip. I found it heavy on the "baby gets messy" aspect and quite lacking in the "trashes bar" aspect. There could've been more violence. ** (of 5) (this may have something to do with my general ambivalence toward young human children)

    That Illegal Wrestling clip, though? ***** (of 5)
  • Whoa!


    That is a very popular (well rated) show that I don't really like.
    They feature some great finds, but I find Daniel Tosh pretty hateful towards his fellow man.
  • The head slide is also my fave part. How did he not get "rug burn"??
  • I agree that Tosh was too hateful, also surprisingly racist! I did not like the show, but I sure liked that clip.

    Baby trashes bar works for me because of the skillful editing that makes it so clear the baby is getting drunker and drunker. This is what I found hilarious and well-done about it. Holding the tiny wineglass with one pinky out like a drunk fancy gentleman? Also the baby's outfit is very funny. And the look on the puppet's face when the baby starts grabbing food off his plate is funny.

    Overall, I found your review of this youtube video to be inaccurate. * (of 5)

  • "Baby gets drunk" is so much different than "Baby trashes bar". The getting drunk part is well done. That is not in dispute. The baby doesn't trash the bar. If it was titled "Baby gets drunk", I probably would've increased my review to *** (of 5). I just kept waiting for destruction which never really came in any satisfying amount.
  • All I'm saying is, they should taze a baby in the next one.
  • I guess it depends on your definition of "trashes," which I admit could vary wildly from person to person. For me, a fellow restaurant patron stumbling up to my table and eating off my plate with his bare hands would count as "trashing the place," but that could just be because I'm one hell of a classy dame
  • tazing toddlers sounds like a viral vid that parents groups would be upset about and eventually write bills and government stuff ala the 4Loko ban, which seems pretty unconstitutional coz coffee x whisky collabo is still available in almost every state in the union.
  • Let's make that video. It can be the new Red Bull viral campaign.
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