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iPhone Computer Friends

edited December 2014
Isn't my computer supposed to know when my phone is ringing? And all that stuff? I thought the phone/computer were gonna be super friends and it seems mostly the same.

Theory 1: I'm dumb and not using the phone/computer right
Theory 2: The promises have not arrived (yet)
Theory 3: I misunderstood the promises

I currently suspect a 33% likelihood of each theory.


  • I primarily "text" people via computer now and it is GREAT!
  • When I text via computer my computer does not grab the history of messages, which makes it weird. That is cool with you?
  • Oh, mine does grab the history
  • I really like my apple phone but putting mp3 files onto it is one of the most frustrating technology experiences of my life. I think its because I don't keep my mp3s on my computers or in an active iTunes library.

  • The integration is still flaky, for sure. Some people say you have to set it up and delete it and set it up again? Mine has now started showing "handoff" stuff sometimes, but it doesn't "ring" when I get phone calls (but I don't get many calls).
  • I agree with UBS about just trying to put some ding dang mp3s on this dang dern phone. My iPhone is synced to my personal computer, which I pretty much never use, so I can never add new tunes to it. I end up sending new tunes from one computer to the other via Dropbox and then syncing them, which is a pain.
  • Android user here, primary reason I was run off the Apple ranch was due to a misunderstanding with iTunes. I can report that Google Hangouts multi-modal messaging works flawlessly and I can access my phone as a raw USB drive and upload files to my heart's content, or use Google Music to dump my entire mp3 library in the clown* for free. However I'm never allowed back into eDen and childbirth is now very painful.

    * whenever you see the world "cloud" in the technology sense, replace it in your mind with "clown". Clown-based storage, clown-hosted applications, the fun is endless... "I uploaded those pictures to the clown and now I can't find them!"
  • oh weird I was wondering why my iPad rings whenever my phone rings. It is VERY annoying and I would love to know how to turn it off but I keep forgetting to google it.

    I text on the computer and the computer grabs the past history no prob

  • I often walk by the downtown Apple church on my way home, and at least half the time I hear someone complaining about this exact issue on the ivory steps outside the door. Once it was about U2, but mostly about iMessage.
  • I found it annoying to have it using both, so I just keep it on the phone.
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