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Naimsmith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

edited January 2015
Hello Everybody,

One of the perks of hitting the road is driving through western Massachusetts, where Everyone has close proximity to the Namesmith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. I made my first trip on the last day of the last year, and I thought I would share a small part of my experience with you all.

Below is the entrance of the Hall of Fame, which you will see is a Cold Stone Creamery.

There is also a Subway inside. It seemed like Everyone was hanging out inside. There was a Burger restaurant called "Plan B," too. I thought that they recognized that burgers weren't their first choice. Everyone was there, too, and it seemed like a good place 2 be.

Once I was inside, the first thing I noticed was the Mitch Richmond panini (Below).

Once inside, there was a gym with every different kind of basketball hoops. The scrolling text was about the Insurance Office of America (Below).

I know you're probably thinking it and yes I did shoot some hoops.

Below I took the Trivia Challenge. The Trivia Challenge was administered by a Computer and I did not catch the name. Some of the questions were tough, but I still managed to get a 1 out of 6.

There were not that many people at the Naimsmith Memorial Hall of Fame, but the Larry Bird jpeg was very lifelike.

Once inside, I saw another panini, and this time Blake Griffin was yelling it and slamming the panini in an energetic way. (See Below)

Finally, I know you guys probably never even thought about Skybox seats, but I have to admit I thought about sitting there when I visited the Skybox Suites exhibit (below). There was nobody in the chairs, but I didn't do it anyway :?

Below I was amazed to learn that Frank Sinatra learned everything he knew about photography from court side photographer George Kalinsky. It is hard to imagine where we would be without the great Frank Sinatra photographs.

Finally, I saw the Pope meet the Harlem Globetrotters!! (Below)

This Photograph also filled me with joy.

Speaking of jumping for joy, Where does He think he's jumping off 2?

Here's another Big Man but from far away.

One thing I Finally got to do was use the bathroom (below)

After the computer let me pretend I was the REF!

At the end of the day, it was an enjoyable trip that I will never forget. Below is the Last Image: a jpeg for one of the Greats.



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