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Futuristic Friday

edited January 2015
Last Friday I lived in the future by activating fiber optic internet service and buying legal weed.


  • WHOA
    I haven't lived in the future yet! Except I did just buy my very first external hard drive and I got very confused about all the questions it asked me during set up, so now I am not sure what will happen, which is like the future
  • edited January 2015
    No no no... external hard drives are from the 90s.

    Now if you bought your first cloud (clown) storage service then maybe we could talk.
  • How fast is that fiber? Comcast recently went up to 50mb/s (MB/s?) for me. I don't really notice much difference aside from results.

    YT, you weren't backing anything up all these years?

  • edited January 2015
    I'm on the 40Mbps plan and almost exact same speednet throughput as my 50Mbps Comcast plan but with a snappy 2ms latency. Too bad I'm not a twitch gamer. And it's $37/mo modem rental included.

    So tempted to jump to 1000Mbps for a while. It's about ~$150 month but I would be Lord of the Interwebs.

    ps: the weed was overpriced but fine
  • Are you on Frontier? CenturyLink?
  • I don't know what backing up means I guess. I have documents stored on Dropbox! That's it.

    So my external harddrive, I set it to automatically back up, but I don't know what that means. Does it mean that every time I plug it into my computer, it automatically makes a copy of everything on my computer? How can that be possible? Won't it just fill up so quickly if it's doing that--won't it be full of like 100 weird copies of my entire computer? Also I don't know how to access it if this is indeed what it's doing, because all that's on there is a weird file that says "Macintosh back up" or something. If I click on it what will happen?? I can't even imagine what "my whole computer" looks like as a file you click on

    I just put all my photos on it so I have enough space on my computer to keep using my computer. That's all I need I guess. I'm being so unbelievably left behind by technology; I'm really reaching a place of emotional despair about it that reminds me of when I tried to teach my Great Uncle Gene how to use a tape player and he just couldn't do it. But he was EIGHTY. I don't understand the cloud or how to use it, I increasingly don't understand where anything is. I definitely have the feeling of "barely hanging on" to the documents and apps I know how to use, feeling like at any moment Apple is gonna be like "Ok there's no more Safari, now everyone has to use this other thing you've somehow never heard about or learned how to use." And like even typing that I get stressed out again, does Apple have anything to do with Safari? I don't even know.

    I'm at the point where I no longer know how to watch TV or movies because my husband is in charge of it. I don't get how he does it, how he downloads movies and stuff, not using Hulu or whatever. When he's away from home I just have to watch DVDs.

    It's fucked because in my job I'm constantly going to have to deal with 18-20 year olds, while I myself get older and older. At a certain point, SOONER than I would have imagined, my students are no longer going to be able to negotiate with my tech issues. Like somehow the way I want them to turn in papers is no longer going to work for them or something. Or like I'm not going to realize that literally nobody uses email anymore, somehow, and I'm going to be so confused about why my students never respond to me. And then they'll be like "nobody uses email anymore" and I'll just swirl off into a despair-vortex like the opening of Vertigo

    I feel like to keep up with this stuff you have to follow so much information on such a daily basis and I don't have time and don't even know how I would follow it all if I did have time.

    Sorry for this emotional outpouring
  • OK now I feel bad for my smart alec remark about external hard drives.
  • Backups work by looking for the difference between what has already been backed up and what is on your computer. So the first time you backup yeah everything is copied over. But if you only work on a single document this week then only that file will be transferred since it's the only thing different. It's more fun if you sing a little song to the tune of Breakin' Up by the Violent Femmes. ("Backin' up! It's easy to do!")

    Apple created it's own web browser called "Safari" and bundles it with their computers. I don't think they will ever admit that the world needs another browser like it needs more tarsands oil so it will be around for a long time. Worst case, switching to a different browser would be a little awkward for a week or so but you'd be fine.

    Your old man is probably using BitTorrent which is the process of downloading files from an ad-hoc network of a bunch of people's computers on the internet. Basically a bunch of people decide that it's their god-given right to offer "The Dark Knight Returns" or "The Hangover 2" for free and spend their own time and bandwidth to host it for others. It can take a long time to download the files, and can be complicated since the files often need to be spliced back together after download. You shouldn't feel bad about not understanding it, I gave up on it a long time ago though I do access other friend's Torrent collections via an application called Plex Media.

    A very inspiring moment to me was when my father-in-law who is not a technical person at all showed me how he uses YouTube to learn everything. If he wants to take apart his dryer or fix a transmission he hasn't worked on before he fired up YouTube and watches videos for an hour or so first. The message I took away from that is that technology is a buffet not a 7-course-meal, you can take just a couple things that are useful to you and let the rest (printer drivers for example) be a mystery.
  • Also, your external hard drive you just bought probably has way more space on it than your whole computer.

  • It does!
    Thanks dudes, I feel better.
  • Don't feel bad!
    Just recently had to explain what an external hard drive was to my old man. What is computer memory, file sizes, the whole thing.

    I get to pick all our movies because I do the downloads.
  • Zin and I had a thing called "P.A.R.O.A.T." where we'd drive mopeds to people's homes and then back up their computer. That was fun.
  • You backed me up once! It was great!
  • If only we still had mopeds…
  • Just fix up that one in your garage if you still have it :)
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