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Yik Yak: An App For YoursTruly

edited January 2015
OMG, I just read about this new app that THE KIDS are going crazy for. It's called Yik Yak and it's just an anonymous message board that seems to be mostly used by college kids. It's location-based, so you automatically see your school's posts.

I downloaded it and sure enough, it was all college-related posts.

YT, I bet your students will never in a million years guess that you have this app installed. It's probably a great way to get laughs from the dumb things they say.

On the other hand, they might say something mean about you, which could suck.


  • God I would rather CHEW OFF MY FOOT than read shit my students anonymously talk about!!!! I think we all want to preserve various fictions we uphold in the classroom
  • Pls tell us what they are talking about??? I cannot even imagine.
  • The undergrads here are such a different animal than me, I can tell that they treat me gingerly.
  • Yes, while I fully understand your position, I'm yearning for the sweet blog content that this would generate.
  • One of the posts I saw was something like "To the loud girls in East Hall: please shut up!" Classic.
  • omg
    i'm so stressed out by this thread
    i like to believe my students disappear into a puff of good clean air the moment they leave my classroom
  • Makes sense.
  • Of course you could always just announce that you look at Yik Yak without actually doing it and put the fear into them ;)
  • I've started following Hugh's students on instagram! It's hilarious!
  • ugh! What have you learned
  • one time I ran into a student of mine at Forever 21 and it was so awkward
  • I have learned that their teen experiences involves a lot more travel than mine did. Also a lot of these kids are really into "camp". Not like susan sontag, but like "jazz camp" and "scooter camp." They actually keep in touch with camp friends during the year, via instagram etc.

    i also learned that some of them have smart nuanced takes on israel/palestine politics, which they think about more than I did in high school.

    I also have learned that I succeeded in getting one of them an internship at folkways, he didn't thank me for that, but his parents gave us a starbucks gift card.
  • edited January 2015
    some of them are just super weird. using instagram to post their top 5 tunafish sandwiches of 2014 image
  • Also they like Doctor who and weird halloween costumes. (Andy Warhol/squirrel hybrid?)
  • "Very attractive price"

    I like the documentary about Magic Camp and the Drama Camp one.
  • Oh yeah, they are super into Dr Who, Supernatural, and Sherlock (the kids).
  • one thing i've realized from following super political black teens on twitter is that selfies are considered cool and feminist now! Isn't that amazing
  • I also like to read the middle school news paper from H's school. I recommend the article about "Does Our New Multipurpose Room Look Like A Hotel Lobby"? Hard hitting journamalism!
  • remember when the school newspaper made fun of my class?
    the article really revealed that the author should have taken my class. Very sloppy
  • "Seventh-grader Woods Floyd
    thinks the space looks like a hotel
    because of its “basic furniture,” the
    “color of the wood” and “the style of
    carpeting.” He explained that from
    his experience that most if not all the
    hotels he’d been to have contained
    these features."

    MOST IF NOT ALL! Middle schoolers are the funniest people on earth.
  • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • OMG just looked at that school newspaper. I WISH my middle school had a space that nice. Come to the dirty South, you little whiners, you wouldn't last two seconds at my school!
  • edited January 2015
    The thing is I don't think they're complaining that it looks like a hotel lobby. They're just ferociously debating whether or not it looks like a hotel lobby! There is never any discussion of whether either outcome (hotel-like or not-hotel-like) is good or bad, which makes it 20 times funnier.
  • edited January 2015
    True. As long as it doesn't look like a decrepit gym that's having asbestos removed, they still have it better than I did.
  • I love it! They're trying to determine how or even whether subjective aesthetic assessments might be empirically demonstrated. Just like Kant!
  • I think the humor is that they've internalized the binary point-counterpoint narrative format of the news media while missing that debates are supposed to be on consequential issues. I think this is probably done with self-awareness, but there is no wink at the reader at any point, leaving it entirely an open question whether they're being funny on purpose. Thus: LAFF RIOT. Give the kid a pulitzer.
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