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What The Heck Happened To The Design?

I'm looking into it.


  • Goddammit.
  • I also read Alex's post as indicating a massive Admin Battle

    I was hoping UHX would start fluctuating rapidly between styles as the Admin Battle raged, just like in Hackers
  • We'll end up with a board in comic sans.
  • edited January 2015
    (On another note, my parents retired this year, and then started sending all their emails in Comic Sans as if to say: "If you haven't noticed, we are old people now!")
  • that is amazing and wonderful
  • every single morning my dad sends long vaguely narrativized texts to what I am slowly realizing is like 30 different people (NOT group texts). The texts aren't about anything and are sort of like fiction or poems, often accompanied by extremely idiosyncratic photographs. Every single morning, for almost a year at this point. I found out he types in every person's phone number from memory, every time--he doesn't know how to use his contacts list. I don't know if he copies/pastes the text into each individual message or if he re-types the whole thing for each of the 30 people but at this point nothing would surprise me
  • edited January 2015
    basically being retired seems to be pretty awesome and you also seem to have an awful lot of free time
  • YT- that is amazing.
  • I want to be retired right now :(
  • What is retired?
  • I barely started my career yet; everything is topsy turvy
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