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How do you pick interior doors?

We are replacing a couple doors in our house! One because it fell off! Another because there's a hole in it. A third because it lets too much sound through.

I have no idea how to pick doors for any criteria except sound transmission class, and I will probably have to live with my decision for 20+ years.

Am i supposed to match the doors to the style of my home? Is the style defined by the architecture or the furnishings?

I also have just learned that I have a "federal style" row house, not "Colonial revival"


  • my parents are great home fixer-uppers and they always go to cool old home salvage stores and just buy doors they like, regardless of trying to "match" the overall style of a house, really...we had all these cool-ass doors in my house growing up. The door of my bathroom was an outside door with stained glass, e.g. Just buy cool doors you like! You can even strip off the paint in your yard using paint thinner, a paint scraper, and two sawhorses. then stain or paint whatever color you like.

    not sure if this is helpful at all. But my parents would say: just buy doors you think look cool
  • Yeah, we have a cool salvage place in town.

    One of the doors, I am basically stuck getting a new solid core door because i need the extra technology to control the sound of our furnace. And probably i am thinking the same thing for the bedroom door (Washing machine). I am weirdly sensitive to ambient sound in my old age.
  • Is the function of the doors more to keep people in or to keep people out? This is a key consideration when selecting doors
  • Interior doors are normally a simple pressure pin in the knob, others you will need a thin flathead screwdriver to turn clockwise in order to pick.

    If more complicated you can pick up a Brockhage pick gun for under $30 these days, I would recommend that over a pick set which actually takes skill to use.
  • Arrest this man!
  • edited January 2015
    Have had to solve many problems in the home of aesthetics and function, consulted designer friends. #firstworldproblem

    Aesthetics: outside of house, inside, furnishing. Good idea to keep outside/inside close. That covers moulding and door detail. Few will be able to tell difference between Colonial Revival and Federalist on moulding, try to keep it internally consistent aka authentic/original-like. Reuse of vintage is the only way to go.

    Furnishings can follow their own internally compatible within rooms course. Color-wise, wood, stone and metal are considered color-neutral unless they madly clash.

    Sound buffering depends on the pitch verses materials. PM.
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