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Cruiser does it again

I'm hoping YT is excited for the next Mission Impossible film:


Not a computer generated stunt! Read about it here:


  • oh my god, TC and his self-done stunts!!!!!!

    You can bet I'm excited!!


    I sort of think this might be a conspiracy, and actually TC doesn't do these insane stunts he's supposed to have done. I mean, what insurance company would underwrite this film? This film would cost eleven billion dollars; nobody's gonna let Tom Cruise fly up into the sky on the side of an airplane! They can't even get Lindsay Lohan in a movie because insurance companies won't sign on; how the fuck are they getting the biggest star in the world swingin' around off skyscrapers???

  • The Power of Dianetics can get you to some interesting places, YT.
  • I'm also very skeptical! I know about some things that were presented as real that were staged and everyone kept tight-lipped about it. I wouldn't be surprised if we find out some day that this was all b.s.

    On the other hand, I think Cruiser really does believe he is an OT Clear Hubbard Superman, so it probably pushes him to demonstrate the powers he's gained.
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