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Belle & Sebastian Tickets- you want?

Chris and I can't go to Belle & Sebastian tomorrow so we're selling our tickets. Do you want them? $46.50/each. Lemme know!


  • No, but I'll be at the show.
  • jealous.
  • I was wrong- $42.50 each!
  • The show was good, as always. I think I've seen B&S more than any other band (not counting homies' bands). The crowd was not dressed as well as the last time I saw them in Portland at the Schnitz.

    Saw Amber S. there. I showed up at 9 because I didn't want to stand around awkwardly, but that means I missed Perfume Genius, which I kind of regret.
  • edited April 2015
    oh man, I would've gone just to see PG
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