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do you guys watch Veep

I love it so much


  • YES. I also felt like In The Loop was one of the most perfect movies I have ever seen. Armando Iannucci is a genius in general.
  • We've been watching The Thick of It (previous show by Armando) and I can't get enough!

    Will definitely have to check out VEEP as soon as we finish.
  • Stoked to watch The Thick of It. Loved In The Loop.

    Veep is so great. Such a great character for JLD---she's like a crueler, more confident, more powerful Elaine Benis; terrifying

    such good casting!!!! Matt Walsh, Tony Hale, GARY COLE??? So many hard-hitting weirdos and new favorites like Anna Chlumsky, where you been hiding all these years girl
  • Yes yes yes to all of the above. The New York Times article about Tony Hale and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is brilliant, by the way.
  • I think zin turned me on to Veep. Thanks zin.
  • I think of zin often while watching Veep. It's such inside-politics, and I shudder to imagine how accurate it is!

    Remember when Bernie Sanders said House of Cards wasn't realistic? Ha ha ha ha
  • omg that ARTICLE!!!!!!

    "Hale had been asked to perform one of Gary’s signature moves: pulling items for the veep out of his big leather shoulder bag. “He did it with great care and delicacy,” Iannucci remembered. “There was a kind of sadness to it, but also a pride about every object. What struck me was the humanity of it. He was a funny character, but you weren’t laughing at him for being sad and broken. "
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