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Anyone got any insider info on a good one who I could buy some time from for a wonderful lady with back problems I know?


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    The best massages I ever got in Portland were from two magical women, both amazing, both very different in vibe:

    Green, at Vital Compass: She is a full shaman, witchy woman who is intensely quiet and contained like a monk, will correctly diagnose all kinds of ailments just from feeling your pulse, does acupuncture and herbal healing as well as medicinal massage. She's awesome. Here's the link:

    Then Ana Helena, who has her own massage business called Sea Change that is right downtown (by Powells). She is also an incredible healer who I immediately trusted with so many weird body issues. Where Green is incredibly quiet and still, Ana Helena is chatty and funny and cool. Depends on massage vibe you like:

    In terms of massage style--Green is more slow and tender, and Ana Helena will really dig into you in a powerful way. Both are cool. As a rule I like a harder/more painful massage than Green's but Green also brings her Chinese medical knowledge to the table (in fact, Green will do a cool half-acupuncture/half-massage deal for you that is pretty amazing)

    I'm sure people on here will say Loyly for massages but I got the shittiest most half-assed massage of my entire life there one time and I would never go back. It was the only massage I've ever gotten that just straight-up wasn't worth the money. There are not words enough for my scorn for this place that everyone seems to love!!!!!!!! I forget who I saw there; maybe she was just uniquely horrible and they fired her immediately after I saw her, I dunno.
  • Thanks YT! Ana is perfect and right by where my lady works.
  • I really hope she likes Ana. I really enjoyed my time with her. She's also great about giving you exercises and things to do at home, if you've got a specific issue. She gave me lots of cool stretches/things to do on a yoga roller that helped my weird problems. I like how solution-oriented she is---it's an intense massage but you also feel like you're WORKING on stuff.
  • Two thumbs up for Ana Helena!
    It's less of a woo-wo/fancy spa vibe than some, though is totally peaceful and lovely.
    She's just so damn intuitive and amazing about figuring out what your deal is and telling you what you should do about it. I've had pretty gentle massages from her because when I get weird back stuff it's really inflamed, so I think she applies whatever kind of pressure is most needed.
    Let us know how it goes!
  • I go to Laura at She is AMAZING!
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