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Game of Thrones (Spoilers inside)

edited June 2015
I didn't really think I had a line for horrifying fictional content, but I guess I do and I think Game of Thrones maybe crossed it and I can't watch anymore. It is bumming me out because I really liked the show, but burning a little girl alive and making you listen to her screams and watch her blurred out burning silhouette is TOO MUCH for me. The constant rape was bad enough! It is really weird to me that the internet got understandably upset about all the rape in that show, but there has been comparatively zero outrage at making viewers watch a little girl get burned to death and making them listen to her death throw screams. It was on par with like watching that horrible Faces of Death series. I would have dealt with it if they had just implied what happened and cut away, but they make you listen to the whole process. I don't get it. It makes me bummed out about the human race that people aren't at least a little more upset about it. Sorry for the rant, but that really messed me up last night and made it hard for me to sleep.


  • watched a few days ago- truly hated it.
    bad moment, tmi, no thank you.
  • not just upsetting, repulsive!
  • I masochistically watched the finale. More abusing little girls. Killed off my favorite character probably. They really just cemented that I made a bad decision watching. On the bright side, Silicon Valley is great! Although, what happened to the cool lady programmer!?
  • Dug the finale out of the guts of my DVR and watched last night based on inertia only. They managed to make one of the final interesting characters to me a monster (Arya).

    I wouldn't worry too much about Jon Snow, if they keep mix-and-matching plotlines I bet the Lord Beric/Red Priest dynamic from the Brothers Without Banners plot gets dumped on Melisandre and Snow.

    At this point they should just take the "Game of Thrones" name off of it. I thought the new Hobbit movies were the low point for fantasy screen adaptations but apparently not. All GoT is missing is some action scenes designed to inspire theme park rides and they can call it a night.
  • I haven't watched the show, but I've read all the books (and love them), and only just recently discovered that the show has departed from the books' plots in EXTREMELY huge important ways!

    Conceptually I think that's really interesting, and could be really cool. For an epic multi-season show to be inspired by an epic multi-volume book but then to branch off into its own truly different/new territory. Bummed to hear that it's not turning out well.

    I watched the first episode and was so turned off by the way they spun Daenerys' wedding night as a full-on brutal rape that I just lost all interest

  • I'm kinda ashamed that I didn't do the same. Apparently I have more of a stomach for violence porn than I would have originally hoped.

    To me the GRRM books were (partially) about showing a fantasy/medieval world with none of the rose tinted glasses we use when talking about the era of King Arthur and Robin Hood. You know the way the history of the American South is portrayed in popular culture like an extension of Gone With The Wind rather than terrorism, rape and torture.

    But the TV show, rather than using the violence for realism, seems to revel in it. Like you already know when someone is being really bad that they will get it in the end, in some horrible and totally foreseeable way. In the books, its shocking because life seems worth very little and people die unexpectedly, but the TV show uses what I call "reminding you you're watching HBO" moments to highlight and celebrate it.

    "Oh, you thought you were watching basic cable? Well, how about these TITS?! Or this dude getting his eyes gouged out and neck slit open, eh? This isn't fucking Lifetime motherfucker."

    I think the books are pretty firmly ABOUT patriarchy and feudalism and how EVERYONE is completely trapped and twisted within those systems. That's why the shocking/unexpected deaths really work, and also why the heinous torture stuff also works, narratively (for me). Because it's about the senselessness of those systems, how they aren't based on anything moral or rational. I feel like you're exactly right--he's trying to look at these systems we think of as so heroic and golden-agey in a realistic way. Like, what does it actually take, to uphold a hereditary monarchy? Actually a shit-load of people have to be burned at the stake and get their heads chopped off, and it's fucking senseless. Ditto patriarchy--okay, what does patriarchy look like, for women? Is it all "milady" this and "I shall die for thy honor" that? Oh dear god, no, actually it's not very good after all!!! FUCK so much raping. I mean, this is how Sansa ultimately becomes a sympathetic character...she's such a piece of shit but then once you've seen her traded around like a coin, and how no one cares about how terrified she is, and how no one can or will help her because she's not in the right position of power in this shitty system...damn. Honestly even Cersei becomes sympathetic for this same reason, which surprised me. The scene of her naked walk of shame has such feminist resonances; all of a sudden you realize she is just a powerless woman fighting viciously to take care of herself and what she loves, and she's the fucking QUEEN but when you get down to it, she's still just a woman, and everyone is always ready to humiliate her and strip her naked in this weird symbolic mass-rape. EPIC

    I think it's meaningful that in the books, Daenerys (clearly being set up as the savior of this whole situation, right?) is the only character who always stops rape when she sees it happening, and who frees slaves and bears the consequences of these acts. Even though she's terrifying in her own way and kills millions of people, I still think GRRM is setting her up as an enlightened ruler, someone who thinks about the experiences of the people she governs, and who actually gives a shit


  • I have neither read, nor watched Game of Thrones. However, the misinterpretation/HBO-ification of the books makes me think you may like Slow West. It's a modern Western that I've been dwelling on for weeks. I've never seen a film acknowledge useless killing in such an effective way. Michael Fassbender is a babe.
  • DANG! Will watch
  • edited July 2015
    Fassbender is the babiest.

    I just went to cancel my cable yesterday because it was a pretty much a useless expense for me, but I had to keep bare minimum cable to get the best internet deal and they are just giving HBO away for free now which is interesting. Probably because Comcast is evil and pissed about HBO's new service or something, but whatever I guess.

    Did I do some setting wrong? I didn't even know anyone was posting in this thread because it wasn't sorting to the top or telling me there were new posts like usual.
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