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Your Top Reasons for Muting/Unfollowing

- Babies
- Talking too much about television (esp. True Detective; what even is that)
- Too many tweets
- I'd say conservatism/racism/misogyny but I'm usually not friends with those dickheads in the first place


  • I have to mute a particular local comedian all the time because it's just unrelenting. But he's pretty funny sometimes.
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    - too much self-promotion (this goes for academics as well as comedians or whatever)
    - that thing where people re-tweet 100 tweets in a row of some conversation happening in their feed
    - feminist scholars talking about how Mad Max wasn't actually feminist (1 unfollow)

    Too much babies is annoying but I also relate because of how much I love posting photos of my dog so I usually just scroll past/ignore when it gets too intense with the babies

  • YT, I would love to hear your take on Magic Mike XXL. There were a lot of very subtle feminist elements, such as men being allowed to be loving friends with each other without having to clarify "no homo."

    I have a reverse-mute philosophy, by which I mean I mute pretty much every person on Facebook except for a handful who are consistently amusing or who don't post often and are therefore low-impact on my attention.
  • I don't even know what it means to "mute" someone.
  • I don't either! I guess I have seen it referred to on twitter but I don't get how it is different from unfollowing. Also did not know you could do it on Facebook

    haven't seen MMXXL yet!

  • image

    Click unfollow to banish.
  • I mute babies, too much political stuff, and words typed as letters (r u serious) and most everyone on my "regular feed."
    Then I have the Oregon Humane Society feed where I volunteer; I mute: cats, grandma memes, etc... That said, with this feed I am more forgiving, and I mute very few users.
    Then I have my various music/gear feeds where I mute liberally as fuck, usually for rudeness or idiocy.
  • I have a filter on FB that hides most (but not all, dammit) cross-posting from Instagram. I get that there are different communities, but when someone feeds their entire gram onto FB it makes me angry.
  • Muting on Twitter means you won't see somebody's tweets but you remain their "follower".

    Unfollowing on FB means you won't see their posts but you remain their "friend".

    Both essentially mean "i still want to be this person's friend but i don't want to see their babies."

    Unfriending is like "i don't want to be this person's friend at all".
  • I also unfollowed Tiny Buzz ;)
  • I've tried to unfollow / mute most everybody who isn't an actual friend or accomplice.

    Mostly I unfollow for overposting in general. 7 photos in a row? UNFOLLOW. IDGAF.

    I allow a cursory three month period of baby photos for deep friends (max 2 photos / week), then a snarky web comment / warning after said grace period, then a verbal warning IRL, then total unfollow. Three strikes motherfuckers.

    I unfollowed the weird faction of ultra orthodox catholics in my family but follow my bizarre Florida christian family because they are so fucking weird that it's enjoyable and strangely charming.

    Dog pix are like 1/3 as bad as kid pix but still bad after a given time period post dog acquisition. The exception again is x percentage (In my case about 20%) of dog pix in a given section of photographs (this section may be of variable length but not include 2 or more food pix*, because fuck your food.) *Exceptions made for one specific recurring photograph of mac & cheese. Dog dick pix are acceptable.
  • I love that dog pic equation.
  • I like all of your rules, Spitzer.
  • I never mute, but unfollow often. Sometimes I'll straight up tell people why I'm unfollowing them before I do. I only have Twitter and Instagram, but hateful religious rhetoric is the biggest reason for me. Others include posts trying to get support for poor decisions that I have previously struggled with, including: drugs, alcohol, eating disorders. Many times I've deleted a "friend," but then texted them because I haven't actually talked to them for ages.
  • I so rarely unfollow! I guess I follow kind of rarely, too?
  • I'm at my follow limit. That means I have to unfollow someone to add someone else. I look through my stream for dumb or douche-y posts or entities promoting interests I use to hold dear. (Indian Conference on Biopolymers... sorry, so 2005).
  • i'm sorry for all my dog pics

    i can't help it and probably won't stop but I fully respect if anyone wants to unfollow me
  • Don't apologize! It's nothing to be ashamed of. I actually enjoy your dog pix, and follow you (though you are highly blocked).
  • edited July 2015
    Unapologetically guilty of assaulting everyone with dog photos. I love to see pictures of snoop!
  • I love all dog photos, for the record.
  • Judar I've blocked you in this thread, so I can't see what you just posted, sry
  • edited July 2015
    listen to this insane dog that popped up in my feed today:
  • I love all dog everything. Excited to go volunteer after two weeks of being away. A new reason I unfollow: Hillary Hating. I get it you like Bernie, he's very likable, but some of the anti-Hillary stuff from my liberal buddies creeps me out like mega.
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