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Here we go again


  • Speaking of comedy and UHX connections, big ups to Dear Nora for having a song at the end of the new Todd Barry special.
  • oh yeah! that's cool
  • To be fair, his understanding of the sandwich is next level.
  • I flipped out when I heard that song!

    I also enjoyed all the DRY SODA jokes.
  • image

  • I'd say that live crab and the fruit plate aren't sandwiches. Everything else? Maybe.
  • This is cool
  • When did we start arguing about sandwiches? I found a mention on this board where Steve says in 2011:

    "i'm opening a can of worms cause our own KmikeyM has hosted this debate often in the past few years and its proven to be fairly contentious!"

    Any ideas?

  • Feels like it was definitely pre 2011, but I'm not sure. When did we switch to Vanilla? I think it was after that point. Was it a talk at UrHo Talks?
  • I found a lot of sandwich related emails in my archives that seemed to start in about 2004, but I think that was more exploration and less questioning? 2009 feels right, I know I was PRETTY ANNOYING with instigating that for a long time. :)
  • I know that the first time I heard of it was in 2009. We were at Juniors--me, Gary, Mike, Steve, and Adam. We were starting to plan our wedding, and Mike totally derailed it into this crazy sandwich thing that turned into a huge yelling match. That was the first I heard it, but it also seemed like something that even at that point had already been around for awhile--because Steve was like "oh boy, here we go again," basically.
  • Guess that could've been 2008, even! I don't remember what month I was in Portland doing that preliminary wedding planning. Could've been late 2008.

    And actually I don't think Gary was there
  • Stanley Kubrik faked the sandwich debate - it never really happened. See the shadows there?
  • edited September 2015
    This was in a survey I just took:

  • UH OH

    calzone is a classic maneuver when you teach the sandwich exercise to college freshmen
  • Of course an open-faced sandwich is a sandwich IT'S IN THE NAME

    Cool survey though.
  • open-faced sandwich defies EVERY definition of sandwich that anyone can come up with though, so it's a real philosophical/semantical humdinger
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