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"I thought the new Wet Hot was great."

Quoth the YT.

I need so much more review than this! I need a whole "I Saw That."

You guys, I rewatched "They Came Together" and there is a shot where a billboard says "Jim Stansel Construction" or something. I'll screenshot it, brb.


  • edited August 2015
    it was fun, silly, stupid, and delightful
    It would've been fun enough just to revisit these old friends--I think it's so fucking cool that literally every actor signed on to do this weird fucking inside joke project. Bradley Cooper!! Poehler! Love that Wet Hot was their first feature film and now they're being such cool fun sports, coming back to do this stupid fucking concept-prequel
    Loved the premise of it being a prequel. LOVE doubling down on the joke of them playing sixteen year olds, which was already pretty funny in the original and is now simply outrageously stupid
    loved all the backstories; loved how the backstories set up so much subtle shit in the original (Jim Stansel e.g.)
    Professor Newman's backstory was fucking inspired and filmed so well, just rip-roaring action-packed tenure-seeking, typing furiously with one hand while wiping brow with the other; love the idea that you go find out if you got tenure by looking at a list posted in the hallway
    lindsey's backstory made me laugh so much, opening on the Statue of Liberty, her cool grownup reporter lifestyle, Jordan Peele! Paul Scheer was funny in that scene
    Loved the intense narrative foregrounding of the composition of "Higher and Higher," made me think about how hard they must have laughed when Craig Wedren (I assume?) wrote it
    DIED laughing (and rewound several times) the wonderful highly choreographed joke fight scene between Gene and Jon Hamm
    Was really into the revelation that all of Gail's past exes--which she discusses in her speech in the original--were all relationships that happened on the same single day
    Loved the ludicrous fancypants stuff at Camp Tiger Claw, just drinking bourbon and doing the Fox Trot; loved Wiig
    Loved the insane musical they put on, Electro City, so dark and epic
    LOVED the Dirty Dancing riff with Katie and Andy doing the incredibly fucking awkward lift but it being shot as though it was super triumphant
    LOVED the guy who played the theater nerd who got the big part but was then kicked aside for Andy, what a bravura performance
    Loved the whole Michael Cera subplot where they go up against the government, poor Jim Stansel
    Loved David Wain's Israeli sexpot character
    Loved Showalter as Reagan punching Ronald von Kleinenstein in the face over and over again
    Loved "Zoot Suit"

    Need to watch it another 100 times as with the original to catch all the jokes but there's my fuckin essay
  • "The original pitch though, when we went to financiers back in 1997, trying to start raising money to make the original movie, was, “It’s a two-part thing. We’re going to make a feature film about the last day of camp, and then in 15 years, we’re going to do a streaming show about the first day of camp.” So that’s how we did it."

  • David Wain has never looked better!

    I laughed so hard at Paul Scheer "She's tryin to pitch another piece?"
  • i liked the fake pat benetar song a lot
  • The fight scene between Gene and The Falcon was so good. Better fight choreography than a lot of shows that are trying to be serious.
  • I agree David Wain is all of a sudden a major babe and I just now noticed
    There are men who become abruptly super foxy in middle age, they are lucky and cool
    Paul Scheer was so funny
    Also I forgot to mention all the wonderful wigs, classic those guys, Gene's facial hair even weirder than before
    the skip-chase scene between Gene and Victor
    the outfits
    Roger Sterling's beige turtleneck, blue blazer, and long gold chain
  • I re-signed up for Netflix and got a month-long free trial just to watch this show!
  • i honestly liked the "making of the movie" documentary more than i liked the tv show.
  • the making-of doc was truly so delightful
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