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  • We'll never know!
    Oh well, happy birthday you old log!!
  • I don't think Gary has logged on in a long time!
    But I hope he is having a good time on his birthday.
    I wonder what kinds of things Gary does to celebrate a special Occasion?
  • Plate spinning
  • I heard he only empties his computer's trash can this one day per year.
  • log gary is named after the one poo log he does a year, today is that day
  • gary only poops once a year
    his hair is as black as the ace of spades; his skin as white as the driven snow
    gary is eight feel tall but very thin
    he won his high school's talent competition by fitting the most golf balls in his mouth
    he recorded a vocal track on Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" but the producer took it out due to an unrelated personal vendetta
    gary's eyes have the ability to see your darkest secrets
    but when he speaks only small children can understand him
    gary does not believe in god
    but he thinks religion is "neat"
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