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October 1

anyone going to check out the 12:01am dispensary scene tonight?

some might not open until 7am tomorrow morning... there is a bit of a legal question on if they have to obey the city's rec use regulations before Jan 1 2016 when they actually go into effect.


  • I thought I read that there wouldn't be midnight sales tonight because of some regulation.

  • Right. But the actual city regulation doesn't apply until 2016 so there's some legal grey area. Because dispensaries don't want to get on the city's bad side most will probably comply with the rule but no one really knows at this point. And those outside of the city of Portland they are welcome to open at 12:01. Call your local provider and report back!
  • Some co-workers and I are taking a lunch break field trip tomorrow to the dispensary that's a block away from our work.

  • I can haz medical
  • I feel so excited.
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    I wish I enjoyed weed
    I am excited for all of you
  • Costco now offering Kirkland Signature Cannabis in Oregon locations.
  • IS THAT REAL?????

    what a new world we are living in!
  • No, it's not real ya silly goose.

    But it would be amazing if they had weed at Costco/grocery stores in Oregon but not liquor.

  • Corporate weed is the only thing I fear with legalization. I want that good stuff, not marlboro brand grass full of arsenic and crap. you know that will show up eventually.
  • The nascent weed industry is also VERY bad for the environment in terms of energy and water consumed. Apparently Agriuana (in Battleground) is one of the only big indoor growers using low power LEDs right now.

  • Yo, but the more weed we smoke, the more crunchy eco ideas we'll come up with, mannnnnnnnn!
  • From my experience yesterday Abe you have nothing to worry about. We seem to have some talent in this state that is excited about their chance to shine.
  • I was leaving the office last week to get drinks with my new coworkers and a couple ladies were talking about pot - whether they should smoke on the way to the bar. One of them looked at me and said, "Do you smoke pot?" I said, "No, not really." And she said, "I didn't think so."

  • I, too, wish I enjoyed it because it really seems like I would be into it. Instead, I feel like I am literally dying (like, "I should probably call 911 or something") and also that someone is standing very close to me, just out of the corner of my eye, staring at me, and that person won't go away for hours and hours and hours. Also my eye sight gets all messed up. Sad.
  • What's your new job, flossy? Has this already been discussed in jobs thread?
  • Hah, I frequently get that feeling of someone staring at me in my peripheral.

    You should try tincture, it's a much more pleasant experience and you can figure out how many drops to take before it starts getting uncomfortable.
  • People used to think I smoked a lot of weed, but for whatever reason, now they seem to understand that this is just my actual personality and brain. (shrug emoji)
  • One of the neat things about legal recreational weed is that it allows people who aren't sure if they like it or who think they don't like it to go in and talk with the people and maybe get something really chill (low THC/high CBD) or try a different delivery system in a totally easy and acceptable way.

    Before there was really only one option (whatever you could get).

  • This is a good point! Should take my dad in there. He always takes too much.
  • Or you could just eat a little ice cream:

    I read about that company (all women) and they have awesome methods and now i really wanna try it.
  • I've heard this shit is POTENT and dangerous cause it's so delicious. I'd split some with you!
  • The extra strength variety has triple the THC.
  • swamp: I'm doing design/ux research at a place called Empirical.
  • hahaha I DIDN'T THINK SO!!! Ha ha ha haaaa

    i would be v. interested in finding cool mellow strain/new method of ingestion that would enable me to enjoy the positives of weed, of which I am very aware (chilling out, feeling groovy, menstrual cramps) without the panic, dizziness, paranoia, and feeling of social anxiety. Also horrific munchies that are not enjoyable. Just eating an insane amount, feeling like those people who take ambien and eat a whole turkey in their sleep and wake up so sick
  • @YoursTruly, I suggest Canatonic for anyone who wants a mellow strain. That was my GF's "gateway" and now she's down with more stuff. I read somewhere that THC can engage the flight or fight response which is where "paranoia" can come in. Experience definitely calms that. That said, I am pretty choosy about who when and where vis-a-vis partaking.

    I know it can be hard when you are high, but don't be afraid to vocalize any paranoia you might feel. It's a common enough response, and nothing to be ashamed of. Your friends and loved ones will probably be cool with it (otherwise DTMFA) and you'll feel better.

    I know edibles get a well deserved caution, but if you ask for a super mellow edible from your budtender, they should have legitimate options for you. Before I started my new gig I had a few weeks off and did some carpentry. I tried the chill edibles and they were boss.
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    My very funny and talented boyfriend made this to honor the day:

    (I don't remember how to just insert an image- sorry!)
  • YT, definitely try that tincture. It's easy enough to make yourself. Recipes are online. Make sure to bake the weed at a low temp like 250 F for 20 mins before soaking in grain alcohol. Informational purposes only.
  • I feel like I don't care enough about getting good at it to actually figure out how to buy weed and make tincture, but I appreciate the advice, and also you know I do love a good kitchen project.

    Imagine "buying weed"! I have never done it. Would not even know where to begin. Ask one of my students???? WOULD I GET IN TROUBLE
  • 000000
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    OH, Ms Pie I want that poster!
  • YT, I bet your co-op would be a good place to ask people who look heady.
  • I’ve been curious about the topical stuff like a balm since reading this:
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