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RIP: Sarah McDoogan

just remembering the best tech support we ever had.


  • lol "three words: caveat emptor"

    I imagine Sarah forgot all her login info--she usually keeps it on an unfragged data drive but she's having trouble connecting to iCloud. She called me on my landline the other day and was complaining about it.

    Who shall teach the teacher?

  • Gary and Sarah McDoogan should get married!!!

    total logging-on power team
  • A virtual wedding. In second life.
  • Guise - I want to learn what this Slack thing is. Sarah McDoogan, can you help?
  • edited October 2015
    I texted Sarah and asked. Here's what she says:

    "Slack is a place for hang-times and innovative collaboration, where you can do all your social platforming in real time. It requires more RAM than most PCs are able to generate, but if you've got a new Mac or even the latest iPod touch you should be fine."

  • Slack is like free hip chat (muddy dem waters)
  • Slack is a chat program for your company that you can use to create chatrooms based on teams or projects. It also has ways to do cool things. Say you are an app developer, you can make a bot that will post App Store reviews directly to your chat room when they come in. Or you can pull in twitter @ mentions or things like that. It looks a lot better than HipChat.
  • We use gchat extensively, as we use the whole Google suite (docs/drive/mail/chat) for everything. How is Slack different/better?
  • Hard to explain, but more easily searchable, more fun, and much easier to have themed group chats than Google Hangouts/GChat. I think you kind of have to see people using it for it to make total sense.
  • Yeah, it's just more well organized than using gchat.
  • I used Slack once and did not understand what was happening but I think I am not a good test case for this kind of thing
  • Is there a channel someone can invite me to so I can check it out?
  • KMikeyM has one but I don't know how to get to it cause it's on my personal computer and I'm at work!
  • I made an account and thought I could, like, "find" people but I guess it doesn't work that way? Me a dumb old person. Me not know how make computers do the things.
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