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interviews ack



  • (Also, I like it when we talk capitalism, even if it is everyone hating it.)
  • omg GREAT ADVICE!!!!! Holy shit
  • Meeting scheduled for this afternoon! Wish I weren't wearing jeans and going there straight from dance practice. "Hi Kathe! I'm sweaty and casual and you should promote me!"

  • On a quick side note my HR director is AMAZING. She encouraged me to extend my spring break Australia trip a few years ago even though it meant breaking my contract, "This is a once in a lifetime trip! Make the most of it!" Also she adopted a preteen boy who was living in a park where she walked her dog. She started out bringing him meals, then eventually offered to let him stay with her and then officially adopted him. Now he's a doctor!
  • Speaking of the capitalist endtimes:
  • hahahah

    share your story about bleaching something

  • UGH I just sent a compensation proposal over to someone who asked me to come work for him and I have that deep pit dread feeling because change is emotionally and mentally exhausting and I am dreading talking to my current employer about leaving. TGIF I need a desk bloody mary station.
  • That is tough stuff! Changing jobs is so disorienting emotionally. Especially if you have been at a place for a few years.
  • Start every day at the new job by commuting to the old job first. #advicefromamaniac
  • where can I get that t shirt
  • hahaha, bike downtown then back within a mile of home. Good plan!
  • Pretty cool that someone wants you to come work for him, though!
  • Yes, it was nice to be sought out! All of my clients are in his world, so it made sense. We negotiated a salary, which means I have to talk to my employer today. UGH. One time I quit a job and my employer and superior both started crying, and that experience saddled me with terrible quitting anxiety.
  • Understandable, but what a credit to you as a valuable person.
  • How did it go? Any tears?!
  • It was mellow! I told him I'd keep consulting at a higher rate and fewer hours, which is great for me. But then I opted out of this other job after some due diligence on the owner seemed a little dark, so I guess I'm just going to grow my bookkeeping biz. EEEEP
  • Start every day by commuting to the old job and then the job you didn't take.
  • MJ your wisdom is beginning to make more sense
  • Cool! Good luck, ekjiram!
  • H has been on the interviewing committee for our new senior priest so I have been getting the other side of it, passively for a few months. It's so weird! To have a few pieces of paper to decide whether you like someone.

    Some of the worst interns we've had looked so good on paper too.
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