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The Leftovers

That show. Goddamn. No one seems to be watching it, and that is a bummer.


  • I watched the first season and liked it, but maybe not enough to invest in the second season. Am feeling a kind of "good television" fatigue... there's so much that's good, and then I just watch SO MANY SHOWS and they start to blur together. I'm trying to take it back a notch.

    Current faves are Jessica Jones and that British reality show about pottery.
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    Word. There is too much good TV for any one person and real life is pretty cool too BUT Carrie Coon and Liv Tyler are just destroying it in this second season. We just blew through all of Friday Night Lights too because the Peter Berg Leftovers episodes were great.
  • +1 Jessica Jones
  • Just started watching it last night. Pretty great!...but no The Leftovers :p
  • Just finished the 8th season of X-Files. One more to go. Then the new ones in January! I'm a little behind on television.
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    Oh man, is that the season where Mulder and Scully are pretty much out? Are you going to do both the movies!?
  • Currently watching Enlightened, The Muppets, and Nathan For You. That is all the TV I can take.

    Abandoned The Walking Dead when it got too repetitive.
  • Walking Dead got too boring and gross

    Enlightened is so good

    I can't handle Nathan for You. I have always been very sensitive and uncomfortable when it comes to things like prank calls. I can't watch Borat. I hate when the person doesn't know they're being part of a joke. Even if they are an idiot who I hate, I can't deal with it. But I think Nathan is very funny.

    We are watching Comedy Bang Bang, and catching up with On Cinema and Decker. We don't have internet in our house so our TV viewing has plummeted; we mostly watch weird movies my old man has to watch for school, for example the meta-bollywood film "Om Shanti Om" which I highly recommend and the 1986 Jane Fonda thriller "The Morning After," which I do not

  • YT, I think that you and Gary would really enjoy this pottery show. If you've ever seen or heard of The Great British Bake Off, it's like that- some nice, friendly, non-competitive British people who are very into a specific hobby, being judged by some other adorably nice British people who have a nearly fetishistic love and knowledge of said hobby.

    One of the pottery judges cries regularly over the beauty of someone's vase/pot.
  • I love Jessica Jones. I want to start the leftovers, but I don't trust the creator to run a cohesive story, and I don't want to invest in nonsense (lost).
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    It's more reigned in! There are tons of weird mysteries for sure, but they definitely provide a LOT more payoff than LOST. I think that is probably Berg and Perrotta's essential function. Keep Lindelof in line. There are a couple crazy dream weirdo episodes in the new season, but I think Lindelof does that well when it is tied to something. There are also just a TON of beautifully filmed episodes. Especially in the late first season and 2nd.

    Interesting that sites like Rotten Tomatoes have the seasons at only 69% and 83% but if you click in, almost every episode is 100% or just slightly below. I don't get how those sites work.

    Jessica Jones is pretty good, but the more I get in, I find myself cringing at some of the dialogue...

    I do like the general ominousness of it though. Like being in a haunted house with David Tennant as the creepy ghost.

    RE: LOST
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    Damn. I guess The Leftovers Season 3 is in question. Lindelof has been asking people to speak up about it because they really want to be able to keep it going. Here is one more preach from me in the form of a spoilerless excerpt from a review about my favorite episode:

    Whew, this fucking show. I hate to be hysterical about it, but The Leftovers is absolutely clowning the rest of television in this quantum leap of a second season. It’s doing monster-truck wheelies over the competition. There’s been a lot of amazing television in 2015, but with every new episode of The Leftovers comes the very real possibility of seeing a “top 10 episodes” list violently upended. This much is certain: If you’re an actress on a television drama with plans to lobby for one of next year’s Outstanding Actress in a Drama Emmy awards, and the name of your show is not The Leftovers, your target is getting narrower by the week. Maybe don’t even think too hard about the Emmys next year. Maybe submit something, maybe not, whatever, but release the stress of the whole thing, y’know? I once interviewed John Slattery after one of his Mad Men nominations, and he said on the morning the Emmy nods were announced, he was out surfing rather than home pacing. Now imagine: What if instead of surfing to take your mind off the Emmy nominations, you were just surfing? There’s plenty of time for lessons. Just give it some thought, because after “Lens,” both of those races now have clear frontrunners in Carrie Coon and Regina King.

    -AV Club
  • Jessica Jones is pretty good! I hate to call it feminist, because really it's just a show with strong female characters, but anyone familiar with feminist film/media theory will immediately recognize it's a flip of the usual "male gaze."
  • Nathan For You stresses me out too. Max 1 episode per fortnight.
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