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Live Blogging the Countdown to Winter Break

I teach my last class tonight at 6:00!
And by "teach" I mean "watch" and by "class" I mean "demonstration of African dancing and drumming a bunch of other people are doing"

Just did my last batch of evals. Classic abject professor standing in hallway routine, like a chastised child. Pretty sure these evals are gonna be bad this time around but what can you do

The facilities guy just came in to check on me, because he saw me sitting in my office wearing my coat. "are you cold?" "Yes." "Why is your thermostat so low?" "WHAT?" "Your thermostat, it's turned all the way down." "I have a thermostat?" "Yeah, see this thing here, with the sign on it that says 'Do Not Touch The Thermostat.'" "I thought I wasn't supposed to touch that." "Well SOMEBODY touched it, because it's turned all the way down!" "Oh my god." He cranked it back up. Now it's toasty as hell in here, I am fucking stoked! Love that facilities guy!!! What can't he do? He is in charge of everything. I love him.

Gave my TAs their paltry token gifts. Wish I could give them a million dollars.

Had my last student presentations. Made them all applaud.

Lord have mercy!

After today I just have one meeting tomorrow and then thirteen oral exams on Friday

LOL what on earth am I gonna ask these kids in their oral exams?????? Better get crackin'


  • oh I forgot I have a meeting! Here I go guys

  • edited December 2015
    I have so many things yet to do, and in fact will not complete my last task until 2 hours before I go to the airport!

    make it stop
  • that meeting was really fun!

    only an hour until I have to go meet the dancers and get ready for the last class! I hope some students show up
  • edited December 2015
    Tomorrow I have a YU staff party then the next day I have the day off and my work party and then only 5 more days until #WINTERBREAK #PARTYTIME
  • I'm about to go to class guys!
    Thanks for joining me on this powerful journey
  • PS this winter's drink is ALL RED WINE ALL THE TIME (except for when it's nog) #LARGEWINES
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    function heatThatShitUp(goodStuff, goodStuff2, goodStuff3, goodStuff4){
    var yum = goodStuff + goodStuff2 + goodStuff3 + goodStuff4;
    heat: medium hot,
    }, aFewMinutes, function(){
    console.log("Drink it.");

    heatThatShitUp("Cider", "Rum", "Butter", "Cinnamon Sticks");

    Guys the last day of class was SO FUN. Everyone got up onstage and danced and played drums. I got so sweaty. The ratio of "totally on board kids" to "totally lame kids pretending to be too cool for it" slowly shifted over the course of the hour until by the end basically everyone was onstage dancing and there were only a few lame guys with their hats pulled down scoffing. It was pretty triumphant. One girl got up and took her shoes off and breakdanced and everyone screamed. I was so happy

  • Are there any white dudes with dreads in your classes?
  • it's not really that kind of school. I think I saw a white lady with dreads the other day but she was a grad student

    part of why I think this class exists and matters here is, in fact, BECAUSE it's not the kind of school where white dudes have dreads

  • edited December 2015
    this school is more like dudes in khakis who are the first person in their family to go to college, who say things like "I'm majoring in accounting so I can get a good job and take care of my parents"

    major privilege divide. I love it here and I love these kids and I believe in them and in their ability to learn how to enjoy dancing on a stage even though they have to major in accounting
  • that's very beautiful
  • I'm back at work! Doing my 13 oral exams. One guy missed the bus so I have 15 minutes free to work on my live blog. Sorry it's not as exciting as Thickening Agent's live blog!

    One of my students just gave me a present, which is a facsimile of the tongue-in-cheek history of England that Jane Austen wrote in her teens. UH!!!!! Amazing gift!

    I've done three exams. Ten to go! I already feel insane and drunk

  • oh my god
  • you got this!

    what a nice gift, that is super thoughtful.
  • my brain has left my body
    and is floating somewhere in the sky
    i'm at the point of forgetting whether i've asked a student about wagner already or if that was the student before
    this was a huge mistake
    i've made a huge mistake
    the next one's here, i gotta go
  • edited December 2015


    I just finished all the orals. It was fucking epic

    I still have to go to a talk on Renaissance music in one hour but then I will be done



  • omg
    10 minutes to the renaissance talk
    then home to where my old devil man is making mac n cheese
    i requested beer and kombucha also
    tomorrow i will lie on the floor naked for 24 hours just because i can
    santa came early baby
  • blasting FKA Twigs in my office
  • FKA Twigs is really good
  • The person in the office next to mine is playing wagner leitmotives over and over again on a french horn
  • bikini time!
  • not for me, yet, but for you guys
  • my bikini is a bagel at the coffee shop and picking my brother up at the airport in three hours! Also baking TWO loaves of delicious bread
  • TWO loaves? Are you sure this ain't SPRING BREAK with that kind of craziness??
  • I came home. I'm in my bikini now, in the rain.
  • I'm still not really in my bikini


    some grading shenanigans have transpired, also it taking me a lot longer to write this thing on narrative than I thought


    leaving for Phoenix tomorrow


  • ha ha
    but now we are back and all is well!
    and it's like 15 degrees here--winter finally came!
    and i'm still not done with that thing on narrative

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