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Things to do in LA

It looks like I may be going to LA in the nearish future, and I know nothing about it. What should I do there? Where should I eat? Tell me everything.

(I already plan to make use of 5everyday.)


  • I went a few weekends ago. If you like Art, the Broad is great - make your reservation now. The James Turrell piece at LACMA is a can't miss, but the rest of LACMA is kinda blerg. Museum of Jurassic Technology is fun. If you like a yummy booze, then the Melrose Umbrella Club is really great, but their food was fairly meh. Lots of really great comedy really cheap, especially if you like podcasts...
  • Go to Venice Beach and watch all the weirdos.
    Go to Griffith Park and do a hike.
    Look at the Hollywood sign.
    Watts Towers are crazy.
    I know very little about food there except that I've eaten some great tacos at random carts.
    Yeah, so much comedy!
    I hear downtown's popping off these days.
  • These will help: and

    Claire Evans and Zac Pennington will tell you what's happening in LA!
    "(I already plan to make use of 5everyday.)"
  • I don't read parenthetical statements
  • I'm not vegan, but this was a good healthy spot:
  • Oh, if you want veegs recommendations, I can get you ALL OF THEM...
  • Take a bike ride down the LA River!
  • Ah! I love each and every one of you! Thank you!
  • My favorite LA restaurant is Gracias Madre.
  • Even with modern technology, it helps to plan your routes in advance in LA. LA freeways are insane and hard to navigate. Map Apps can get confused and not give you directions quick enough when you have to move four lanes within a quarter mile and everyone is driving 80 mph.

    Eat lots of mexican food. It's really good in LA. Otherwise, a lot of (non-crazy-line) LA food will not amaze you coming from PDX (IMHO).
  • Clifton’s Cafeteria is supposed to be cool.

    Also Burgerlords, Chego, and Scoops in Chinatown.
  • I second the Museum of Jurassic Technology. Much more important to go to that than LACMA or whatever IN MY OPINION. It is awesome and you will love it.

    Weirdly the best tacos I ever have had in LA are in the old-timey food court attached to the Grove, which you wouldn't expect. A place called La Lotteria. Cactus tacos. Fucking epic (I'm a veggie so probably they aren't authentic, I mean, those dipshit guys who travel the world trying to find a taco made of goat meat so spicy you shit blood for a week probably wouldn't enjoy these mellow cactus tacos at The Grove but I love them)

    Venice Beach! So insane. Walk the whole boardwalk between Santa Monica and Venice

    Basically I agree with Alex. Watts Tower is awesome; Griffith Park is awesome

    Definitely get one of those bags of fruit with chili and lime from the dudes with carts and machetes on the street. Major LA perk!!! So fucking good, and the entire bag is like $2, it's absurd

    I am proud of myself for only saying sincere things and not saying anything snide about LA, which is a city I dislike
  • I have always longed to go to the Remix Vintage Shoes mothership. Vintage reproduction of 20s, 30s, & 40s styles. You can normally only find a handful in Portland, all unreliably scattered around different shops.
  • I learned the hard way that the Museum of Jurassic Technology has weird hours, so be aware.
  • I'm so excited to try all these places!
  • Update:
    -Made it to Watts Towers but they were closed. Still got to see from the outside.
    -Made it to Getty (gorgeous!)
    -Tried the Broad, but there were literally 5-hour lines
    -Hiked up to Griffith Observatory
    -Stuck a stick in some real live tar at the La Brea Tar Pits
    -Did my first Escape Room and saved the world!
    -Walked the Venice Beach boardwalk (didn't seem that crazy?)
    -Ate SO MUCH good food, but the highlight was Gjusta - the most delicious deli in the world. Also ate delicious tacos, and some yummy pasta at a place called Speranza.
    -Went to the MAGIC CASTLE!!!
    -Rode the ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier

    Sadly did not make it to:
    -Museum of Jurassic Technology
    -Any of your other great suggestions

    THANK YOU! I really liked LA.
  • Awwwww I always wanted to go to the Magic Castle! I'm so jealous!!!
    GOB BLUTH referent!

    Your list is amazing, good job!
  • Magic Castle: to get in, you have to tell a golden owl "open sesame" and then a bookcase reveals itself to be a hidden door and lets you into the castle!

    No more spoilers!

  • Wow, maybe Venice has gotten less weird since it's become Silicon Beach?
  • omg WHAT!


    is the guy with the turban, rollerblades, and electric guitar still there or has he been gentrified away? or did Snapchat purchase the rights to him

  • What about the cat that had a pet rat?
  • Saw the turban guy! Saw no cat with pet rat.
  • Enough of us go to LA we should just collectively rent a room. Like a timeshare on a craigslist roommate ad?
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