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Cool Vape Flavors


  • One nice thing about vapes is that at least we can be sure that kids aren't picking up smoking to look cool anymore.

  • ha ha ha ha
  • Captions

    1: Girl drinking beer while playing a tiny clarinet is cool?
    2: Only time I've seen that guy NOT look cool. Is he taking his temp?
  • This thread is getting OFF TRACK
  • you guys is it crazy that I still don't understand EVEN A LITTLE BIT what vaping is or how it works

    guess I could google it but life's too short

    "banana slurry" is one of the most disgusting phrases I have ever heard, or imagined
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    Would hate to be accursed of being OT;
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    It's just liquid with nicotine (and often weird flavors) in it that gets heated to the point of vaporization rather than burning. So instead of smoke, you get vapor. Theoretically, it's less bad for you than smoking because burning material contains more carcinogens/dangerous chemicals, but vaping's still addictive and harmful.

    That being said, I do enjoy vaping weed. It's smoother and less harsh than smoke.

    Oh yeah, and with weed vaporizers, you put your ground-up weed into a compartment and it just heats the weed to the point of vaporization. But there are also oil-based weed vapes where you put a cartridge of weed/hash-infused oil into them and vape the oil.
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    I'ts a vape that smells like, but is not marijuana
  • For some reason, vaping weed doesn't feel as nice as smoking it, to me. It's like more clear headed, which would be nice if I was using it medically and wanted to be at work, but if I'm just watching a movie, I wanna get kinda dumb.
  • Many more cases of pneumonia with the popularity of vaping. New vape shop in Anacortes is disturbingly busy.
  • I agree @Miranda, I got a real nice vape bros box, but I only use it if I have a cough or something...
  • I can't do smoking weed anymore really. It seriously affects my basketball endurance. Ever since I switched to a vaporizer I get WAY less winded.
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    vape is one of those adult luxuries that just aren't a part of my meager life... maybe someday, like when I'm 50.
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