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Scared of Rubio

Is anyone else afraid of Rubio? All the left news is about who beats Trump harder in a national election, but I think Rubio's calm, friendly methods of explaining his evil (IMHO) beliefs may carry him once Trump quits/implodes. I don't see enough polling as to who beats Rubio. Certainly no one wants to have a beer with Cruz.


  • Yeah, I've been wondering about that the past couple of days. Getting weirded out thinking about it.

    Maybe Trump will run as an independent and siphon off votes from whoever ends up getting the Republication nomination?
  • I still am confused about Trump. I get his popularity from the standpoint of being the opposite of Obama, but I don't get what he stands to win by winning. Seems like he'd make way more in the private sector, but then when he starts praising Kim Jong Ill, then I think he's just a complete nut job. He stands some chance of winning the primary, but no chance of winning the election. Nothing could energize the Dem base more than having Trump as an opponent. So he has to be thinking about an exit strategy, or how to win by losing. He has to make himself a martyr somehow, or else he becomes a Palin and won't get to be on TV anymore.

    We saw this week that when Trump loses, Rubio wins, which is what is really scary to me.
  • "Cruz Collapsing, Rubio Surging, Donald On Top".

    Anyone else getting turned on here?

    PS: Yes, Rubio and Kasich are the only ones who can win the general. And Rubio is the only one that can win the primary. So yeah, scary.
  • Rubio does scare me. He would not have a chance against Hilary in the debates. I've never seen Bernie debate a conservative, so I'm not sure what to think.
  • this article about Ted Cruz's college years is really delightful/terrible (he is a turd).
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    This election will be interesting. Rubio is smart. I think the R side has analyzed up the whazoo how many votes they can get from otherwise D Hispanic voters with an Hispanic candidate. I would also say that big money is likely building a tsunami behind a potential Bloomberg. We have not seen the worst of American election$, but we will. It is going to be dirtier and more disgusting than anything in the past. Which is sad.
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    Cruz couldn't win his way out of a paper sack. He is an ultimate turkey. He cracks me up. I think even evangelicals probably feel humiliated to have to vote for him but their Lord commands it so what are you gonna do

    Rubio! He's got it all. Handsome, young, charming, not white, a raging dickhead. He'll do great.

    I also wonder this about Trump. If he's doing this to boost ratings/his status in the private sector how is he gonna get out of it? He can't back out of the race, right? that would be a disaster, his fans would be devastated, seems like it would be a real misstep, in terms of future money-making opportunities...

    Ryan Lizza recently wrote an amazing thing about following Trump on the campaign trail. The press are kept locked in a cage and the crowd screams racial slurs at them (among other amazing things):

    (article also includes a devastating description of Ted Cruz's onstage demeanor. LOLOL an actual maniac)

    I have never found it even a tiny bit hard to understand Trump's popularity. I'm surprised when people are surprised by it...I'm also way more surprised when people are actually excited about Hillary or Jeb or something. A huge percentage of Trump's supporters are people who have never voted in their lives--I learned that from the Lizza profile. Amazing! And makes total sense.

    "It's always darkest before the dawn"

    Lets hope there IS a dawn, someday

  • It feels so odd to have gone through so many election cycles and to get more and more familiar with how it affects the entire mood of the nation. What a miracle it would be if we could devise some alternative form of government that doesn't whip us all into such a weird frenzy and get us at each others' throats. I'm existing in pure idealism with that hope, but when I think about how many more of these cycles I'll have to go through in my (Jah willing, long) life I feel very worn out.
  • I think we can get there. Religiosity is declining, and will continue to do so, that will remove some of the frenzy. The country is becoming more diverse, that will wash out some of the frenzy as well. The decline of whiteness and religiosity is IMHO, a very real cause for lots of the frenzy. It must be very scary to be a white religious person who holds the belief (that we were all implicitly given) that America is a place for white religious people to thrive in. For those people, the country would definitely appear to be going down the tubes. As we become more diverse, less religious, and have to deal with the more dire issues related to global warming, I think things could actually improve a little bit, but I am a stupid optimist.
  • The guy with four Trump signs who lives on my commute to work just added a fifth today. Also he was in the newspaper! He says that he is being harassed due to his political beliefs. He says the police raided his house and went through his fridge, because they are prejudiced against Puerto Ricans, and he says they tried to make him take down his Trump signs but he knows his rights. He's also mad because his neighbors keep defacing his Trump signs, so he keeps calling the police (even though they went through his fridge?). He seems fun. Anyway he's advertising a room for rent if anyone's interested in an adventure

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    I think the frenzy will continue just in different ways. Frenzy may not come under the banner of religion in the future, but the banner of anti-political correctness or anti-feminism or some other new conservative fire horn. It happens to liberal minded people too. Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinham both got so caught up in their own bubbles that they said things in the last week that ultimately undermine their own great cause. It was really a bummer to read about those. Was even more of a bummer to see Hillary try and take advantage of it. I think the internet has increased a lot of the frenzy for both right and left minded people and will continue to do so because anyone can back up their crazy beliefs with the internet. What do you do?

  • Just take a look online at how left-wing people tear each other apart and I think you can see that it's just going to continue, even if the white, religious folks take a back seat. Just a different line gets drawn.

    What I'm looking for is a way to diffuse power even more. We shouldn't feel so crazy about one dude/lady changing jobs. It's bonkers.
  • Sure, but with the Supreme Court, we have to care about who runs the country. I'm ignoring the left tearing itself apart, when push comes to shove, dems will rally around the nominee, the Affordable Care Act is just too important for most liberals.

    That said, I do wonder if the Bernie vs Hillary thing is a harbinger, leftist mirror of the Tea Party that is destroying the republican party. I don't quite buy that though, Hillary and Bernie are campaigning on the same issues, just going about them in different ways. I went to Evergreen, and have learned to ignore leftist infighting.
  • HA HA HA

    Cool Evergreen ref- I am also a Greener and I did some lols.
  • leftist infighting is literally more depressing to me than global warming
  • I don't give a shit about either party, to be honest. The whole thing is such bullshit.

    I am trying not to be nihilistic because nihilists are assholes but it is very hard.

    I would enjoy seeing an ACTUAL leftist in the oval office. A guy in a ski mask with a kalashnikov ranting about capitalism. Now THAT would be interesting.

  • i google image searched "leftist" and now my palms are sweating

  • image


  • Sounds like Rubio messed up pretty bad in the last debate.
  • Kasich! Wouldn't it be nice if there were two reasonable people running against each other? Probably a pipe dream...
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