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  • ?!?!? WTF !?!?! J and C are cool as hell, but I prefer to see them PG13. What is going on.... Someone stole this and is distributing!?!? Gah!
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    It's very interesting to think about their approach to this situation contrasted with their public discourse about piracy years ago. I don't mean it's contradictory, I mean the reactions to both seem complementary in some way that I can't fully process because I am very tired right now.
  • Wait, is it just a hoax? I'm legit confused.
  • If it's a hoax it makes me sort of sad. Lots of people actually have to deal with revenge porn stuff and it's pretty terrible, doesn't feel good to me to collect sympathy and then flip it. But who knows, it's quite a mystery.
  • Hoax or not, it kinda sums up everything shitty about celebrity and status seeking. So...well done or way to live up to the expectation of celebrity narcissism, depending on how self-aware they are about this and if there is or is not an intentional message.
  • I can't imagine what impulse/justification would drive a hoax like this so I have to assume it's real??
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    It is not, it is a hoax to promote a new single of theirs. I hope they have some super smart way that they are going to turn this into a positive message otherwise this just sucks and is very very very stupid and shitty of them.
  • It's a hoax. I think it's a statement about how fans/industry want everything from creators but won't support it with dollars. The internet sex tape is a good metaphor for that.
  • well, and also how media covers salacious stuff and non musical things more readily than they cover actual records
  • Oh man..... I personally think those statements get pretty lost amidst the seediness (not of the sex, the self promotion).
  • The media doesn't look great for printing it, but that's not my first thought.
  • I think it (perhaps inadvertently? I dunno) does reveal that what we now call "media" is actually NOT "journalism." A real journalist would have sniffed a hoax, investigated, and, it sounds like, quickly uncovered it, at which point it would have become not news. By simply immediately reposting random foundationless shit people say on the internet and calling it "news," these outlets contribute to the devaluation of real journalism, and of truth and facts (and, it's worth noting, of legitimate claims of violation or injustice)
  • Sounds like they were actively asking media outlets to help them perpetuate the hoax...
  • but again, a real journalist doesn't just say "ok" and print whatever somebody asks them to print.
  • Journalism is super fucked, but aren't there better ways to talk about that?
  • I'm not weighing in on the efficacy or ethics of this particular promotional prank or even arguing that this was the point of it; I'm just saying it DOES reveal the moral bankruptcy of contemporary media. Then again it doesn't take much to reveal that!! ha ha
  • I don't know, if any other public figure that I respected put out a similar post, I would believe them. It's not like this was a rumor being spread by a third party. Is it really the role of journalism to assume everyone is lying all the time?
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    well...yes! Right? That's what investigative journalists are supposed to do. Establish veracity by rigorously vetting the information they are told.

    That's why the free press is SUPPOSED to be a bulwark against political corruption etc. etc. Because journalists are supposed to look underneath statements and not just take them at face value. They are supposed to follow the money, chase leads, put pieces together.
  • So, like, if an indie artist we all like and respect put out a post that they had cancer, should we / should journalists demand the medical files?
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    Good point. I guess I don't know the answer! It's true that your hypothetical is absurd, I admit it.

    I'm sorry for derailing the thread with a discourse on journalistic ethics!!
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    This Is About Ethics In Video Game Journalism
  • lolol I stand corrected
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    I'm against war!
    I'm in a war, people are dying, give me $5!
    This is all just some self-promotion for my anti-war song.
  • I think this stunt addresses ethics in journalism, but it doesn't really "do" anything with it, it's just an exploit. Us talking about it is their "bug bounty"
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    They are now blaming the media for "Making irresponsible leap to revenge porn" and that "even in our fictional scenario there was no exploitation or violence". They claimed someone stole a sex tape and released it against their will!? How the $%#! is that not exploitative!? I'm sorry, I know these guys are your friends but c'mon.

    Someone needs to tell them they are just messing up and they should just own it and apologize. Just because they had cool influences does not make it ok. Unless this is all some sensationalist media, creating controversy to troll the trolls, just saying things to create hype like some sort of Donald Trump parody thing or something?

  • I sort of think it's like KLF that way. Like not disavowing the complicity and hypocrisy in the thing that's being critiqued.
  • I miss Badger King
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    if it's a miss on balance, to me it's because there's no way an issue this loaded can not be triggering for some people who have not been following along for the whole ride of media/tech/surveillance critique and don't contextualize it that way. Although media e.g. Gawker is complicit in that too, insofar as they've buoyed the notion that "celebrity sex tapes" are all lolz and not, like, insane privacy invasions
  • It comes off very disingenuous, and the media critique is half-baked. I think these babes are in a bit of a bubble!
  • Hagbard Celine is just a multi-dimensional libertarian.
  • I don't want to write a lot, but I am against what they did.
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    Took a sec to get there, but their new apology is much better, and I appreciate that they are owning up to their mistakes and their consequences honestly. That is hard for many people to do, and I honestly didn't think they would get there. I'm glad they proved me wrong. Not that they had anything to prove to little ol me, but you know.
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