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  • United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 aka US military Operation Odyssey Dawn. Co-sponsored by France, Britain, and Lebanon. Additional support provided by Norway and Qatar. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  • well this seems to be going really well
    really really well
    really well
    glad we have enough money to "take care of business" with this awesomely-named operation but not enough money to have a school anywhere in our country, or, like, help a citizen not die in the street from not having health insurance
    Good ol' Operation Odyssey Dawn. Not at all a lame name! Not at all a name I would have named my pony in fourth grade.

    Yet another awesome operation name from the geniuses who brought you OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM or whatever. OPERATION SOARING EAGLE WITH SINGLE TEAR

  • I'm about to put OPERATION DON'T READ ANY NEWS EVER AGAIN into effect!

    Hell yeah

  • Mo Oil, Mo Problems?
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