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Cool Bosses

edited April 2011
You guys, my boss is COOL. He's been superintendent in my very polarized school district for 17 years and just starred in this TV ad supporting gay marriage:
It's just him and his wife being like, "Look y'all, marriage is awesome and it should be available to everyone." He's the older bald white dude. I've always considered him to be a great leader, but this move it so bold and public. I saw it during Judge Judy for crying out loud! I know he's going to get hell for it from some sectors of the community where I teach and I'm sure he knows it too. COOL BOSS! DOING THE RIGHT THING!!

Who is or was your cool boss?


  • I am my cool boss!

    (Kind of a dick sometimes.)
  • that's so awesome TDN!!! amazing.

    I have had many cool bosses. My dad, Marv, I actually can't think of any others. So two.
    Also my current "bosses" might be considered my professors, who are cool.
  • My new thing is that I will only work for people who have hospitals named after them (or their friends).
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