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internet explorer on a mac?

edited April 2011
can you not have internet explorer on a mac?

I am applying for this stupid fucking job that requires internet explorer.



  • edited April 2011
    No you can't, unfortunately. IE stopped development for IE Mac when Safari came out.

    You can try this, if you have Firefox:

    Install this extension -

    - Switch your user agent to the latest Internet Explorer

    - Visit the site again

    That MIGHT work, if all they're doing is looking for the user agent. If they're actually using technology that only works in IE, then you're going to have to go to the library or some dumb shit.

    There is also a way to spoof the user agent in Safari, although it's a little more involved:
  • jesus.
    stupid bullshit!
    assumption of PC is so dumb!
    fuck you job!

    Thanks Alex
  • It is pretty easy to do with Safari. If you open up Safari preferences and go to "Advanced" and check "Show Develop menu in menu bar". Then Safari will have a menu item called "Develop" where you can switch the user agent.
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