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learning the internet better

edited April 2011
uhxers- i have decided that i need to learn the internet better. as in learn to create basic websites and stuff like that.

can anyone here suggest a good place for an old man to start? classes at PSU? pay an unemployed web-designer? internet for dummies type text books? i know only the basics, such as how to log into my email account. maybe a couple other things too, but not much.

or maybe someone would trade some internet lessons for some final cut pro lessons, or something like that?

either way, i obviously need help.


  • The W3C schools stuff on HTML, CSS and Javascript is a great way to get started. Here's the HTML one:

    As you learn more about HTML/CSS/JS start enabling "Developer Mode" on Chrome and "Javascript Console" on Chrome/Firefox to peer under the covers.

    I would also get into Google Docs as you can do a lot of publishing via hosted blog software like Blogger and public-viewable docs. This looks like a decent tutorial:

    Oh and dive into Google Analytics as soon as you get a blog or site up and running.
  • I think Marcus teaches a class like this. Maybe you can audit his class?
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    More goodies: Firebug extension for Firefox is a great way to browse the code of a website. You can navigate the Document Object Model (DOM) and see what makes a site tick.

    Websites are turning from pages into applications, a good intro to the world of HTML5 is this free book:
  • It's true, I'm teaching a learnin' the internet class at PNCA this quarter. But it's already begun and we're going waaay deep into one particular technology (Drupal) that you may or may not want to sweat over.

    I think the best way to learn is to learn the theory in person from a cool nerd and work with them until you have enough basics down that the books and web lessons start making sense. Once you pass the self-education threshold, the internets will teach you whatever you need know.

    I may be up for a Final Cut nerd swap. Send me your email?
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    marcus- there is much wisdom in your post. i've been going over a couple 'web lessons' and it seems like there is just a giant chasm between understanding the basics of html and then actually making a website happen. and i fully agree that once you get to a certain point (with any of this stuff) you can start teaching yourself. that is definitely the case with final cut and other movie making softwares.

    i'd love to do a final cut for internet workshop swap. i doubt my expertise in FCP matches your internets knowledge, but i have been able to fake my way this far so i could probably show you a thing or two. this is matt m by the way.

    email me - mattatrodeofilmcodotcom

  • You know... if you guys are trading classes I wonder if others would be interested in sitting in on those sessions?

    Something like...

    UrHo Presents: QUICK & DIRTY - Friends teaching friends some computer junk
    + potluck-style sandwich bar
    + MP3/in-person file sharing

    P2P sandwich network + new nerd knowledge + some cool songs to go
  • i am for this IRL meetup. brunch next saturday then mayb a trip to stumptown comics fest?

    i have about 80gigs of ipod available to anyone with senuti. mostly 60s-70s psych, 90s-00s indie, 80s-00s hiphop, 70s-00s metal
  • I would definitely be down for this!

    I do not have any nerdy skills, but could potentially psychoanalyze someone or teach a drawing class, if future swaps are in the making.
  • Big Mac and I have been talking this over and he's come up with a fine idea. Because deeper levels of the the instruction itself may be better suited to a one-on-one format, let's plan to gather a group of sandwich artists and aspiring nerds to present on basic theory for our chosen crafts. I'll start with the innernet.

    After that, we'll barter for one-on-one skill swaps.

    Cool idea, right? The theory talk can be like maybe 20 mins and will lay grounding concepts and serve as an advertisement for a skill that the presenter wants to trade knowledge of for knowledge of something else. Mac and I are already down for internet / final cut, but maybe other things will bloom.

    Plus songs and sandwiches. When can this happen? I'm out of town this weekend and booked on Thursday nights. Sundays feel like a cool idea.
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