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Magic Vikings or 3D Caves?

edited May 2011
Dudes, let's say you had to see a movie this weekend. Which one? The 200 million dollar superhero movie about Norse gods directed by Kenneth Mothereffin' Bronuffgh, or the documentary about CAVES shot in three dee and directed / voiced-over by the HERZOG?



  • 3d caves

    thor will be at the 2nd run theaters in like 2 weeks coz the reviews were ...
  • edited May 2011
    also, IDK if you heard herzog and cormac mccarthy on npr like 2 weeks ago

    herzog was like
    "i jus vant to read a passage from all the pretty horses, it's beautiful, i kaant haelp eet"

    then he read it
    at first i was like
    then i was like
  • Counterpoint: Anthony Hopkins in nerd armor as Odin.

  • counter counter point
    bill murray knows spandex
    hulklushi and super murray

  • edited May 2011
    At the same time, projected in layers over each other? I'd pay $20.
  • i say skip it and go see the trollhunters movie later

    coz norwegian trolls x bring ipod with black metal x maybe a tallboy
  • A day of 3d glasses.
  • I always vote in favor of dudes who have been shot and/or eat their own footwear.
  • herzog is venerable but boring
    vikings are cheesey but cool
  • cave painting

    just the absurdity of shooting film in 3-D in order to share the nuances of ancient walls is enough to get me in the seat.
    herzog is boss
    often not boring!

    occasionally boring, but not lately.
  • Thor = Encino Man
  • Saw Thor 3D last night in North Platte, Nebraska.

    Enjoyed the experience! Enjoyed the town. The things in Thor actually look pretty cool. The romance is shockingly simplistic. I like brother problems.

    Then the somewhat funky western Nebraska cinema employee gave us a bag of popcorn as big as me (legitimately) and I made land art out of it in a field behind the Quality Inn.

  • It was super nice to look at a screen after not for 1+ month
  • I'm more interested in your land art than I am in Thor.

    Pics or it didn't happen!

  • I saw The Caves, and it was very special.

    Very little talking, not a ton of info about the cave. Long shots of slow roaming across the cave walls or the glimmering calcified cave floor.

    I fell asleep in the movie, which never happens to me, and so did my friend!
    Not because it was boring (Loose Thread) but because it was hypnotic and soothing.

    Can't wait to see this again...
  • edited May 2011
    Preliminary process shot:

  • I would kill a man to see the Herzog
    I know it won't come to my dumbass backwater town
    Thor probably will/is
    I do love a viking movie (VALHALLA RISING)
    Popcorn Art
    Brother Problems
  • edited May 2011
    Final work documented here:
  • edited May 2011
    I'm somewhat reticent to call that photo the final work. Overnight the popcorn shriveled up quite a bit and looked pretty different. (so much so that we couldnt see it from the same places you could the previous night and we thought the birds had a huge feast overnight). I have an OK night time shot I will share soon.

  • I guess that is a part of land art... The way the natural forces change it and eventually reduce it to nothing.

    I love this
  • I'm going to see Caves DDD sponsored by Vernor's Ginger Ale tonight.

    Maybe this thread will be so lucky as to hear what I think about it tomorrow.
  • I used to think I knew something... something about anything...
    Now I'm not so sure.
    Vernor's has fizzed my mind.
    Thank you, Vernor's, you are a true Original
  • (that is a surprised face)
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