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edited October 2010
Hey! who else has their blog back?
I love it!

It is so smooth and cool! It automatically embeds a video! My RSS feed is fixed!

So glad to have my old friend back. Thank you so much to all the bosses.


  • Soft Launch! We have Soft Launched!

    Thanks to Matthew, Curt, Alex, Jona, and the Other Guy (not flint).

    This website is getting classy!

    New styles. Sections! More linking to posts/less to blog home page. New blogs!

    The section pages looking real good:
  • Feel free to hit me with any questions about the new site/how to use wordpress/suggestions for lunch/discussion on the upcoming NBA season/joke writing/anything else really.

    My email is on my profile page.
    Just click on my name!
  • My new blog is great!
    I figured it out really fast and it looks just the same as my old one.
    Kudos to the webguys for doing this, I really really really appreciate it!

    Steve said they imported 1500 photos from my blog archive!!!!
  • Hey bosses I have question:
    how do I put a photo in my profile? When Steve and Mike comment on my blog they have cool photos with their account names. I went into my "profile" in wordpress but can't find any picture place.
  • Well first you have to upload.... your face
  • when do i get mine back?
    it is a top hit for google white rainbow adam forkner
    second only to wikipedia, my myspace and, which is no longer in service
    so right now 2 out of the top 4 hits for googling my band and name come up file not found ):

  • and the next link is K records VVRSSNN page :( :(

    maybe i shouldn't google myself in the morning, this is bumming me out
  • On the bright side, when I google your name, the Pauly Shore video is in the video results.
  • You get your head for comments here

    It is based off of your email.
  • oh bummer.
    I want to upload a cool shark phot.

    Alan when I google myself an article I wrote for the college newspaper about how Hollywood films are better than "indie" films comes up.

  • Just go to that gravatar site, and use your email to post a shark photo! It's easy and fun!
  • every user name I put in says not available!
    what gives?
    I tried my wordpress log-in and it said that account doesn't exist.
    why am i so bad at it
  • You would need to setup a new account with gravatar.
  • it says my wordpress user name is already taken.

  • I worked it out.

  • the username thing isn't related to wordpress.
    don't use your wordpress username.

    i think the username is just for logging into gravatar.

    gravatar just recognizes that when you use your email for a blog comment and then puts your little avatar (the email doesn't have to be showing publicly either just most blog require it as a spam preventer)

    My wordpress user name on urho is: STEVE
    My gravatar user name is: uncleboatshoes

    doesn't matter. it's all good. When I leave a comment on regarding and enter my email in the field it recognizes and drops in my cool face.
  • I like to see your cool face in my blog
    making a cool face at me! Yellin' at me about Don Draper!
    I love it so much, I wish it happened every second of every day

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