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What are you eating today and forever?



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  • Today I ate until I was full. Now I'm sleepy.

    Thank Matthew, UHX is back!
  • thanks matthew and the power of cauliflower
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    i had cauliflower with garlic and fried olives and aioli
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  • Tahoe did something with BokChoi garlic and sesame sauce. I'm gonna live forever!
  • Mikey I've been feeling worried about your sometimes habit of skipping breakfast. It's not good, your little body needs morning fuel, just like, SOME. Don't skip! Models skip breakfast, do you want to be a low-life eater like them? Nope, you don't. Also, we both flaked on MW3 en Sunday, DIDN'T WE. Boo. My Mom's coming this weekend, want to hang out? PATTI BOSETTI! I can't think of anything else to say in this window right now. DON'T SKIP BREAKFAST YOU DUDES.
  • I almost never ate breakfast my whole life! I actually eat, well, drink breakfast much more often now.

    Training needs to continue! I'm actually leaving for LA on Thursday, so I won't be able to miss Patti Bosetti. :(
  • incroyable ! My brain makes dry coughs when I don't eat bfast, I guess we are all unique and wondrous Beings is the point, yeah yeah OK. Oh have so much fun! I'm in Los Angeles (west side) from Tues-Fri next week! Collaboration at some point? XxXxX
  • Breakfast is my favorite. I spend a lot of time and get up early so I can have a nice leisurely morning and eat a cool bfast. Also to have like 3 cups of coffee before work.
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  • I also have never been a breakfast eater. It makes me feel sick. I drink a smoothie every morning now.
  • Mikey and Mahan do hella laps at the gym's indoor pool, bhouseb. They bring their underwater boombox so they can listen to Huey Lewis when they're doin all those flip-turns, it really streamlines their technique.
  • I hate breakfast. I eat like a cold piece of bread while I'm walking to the bus or whatever. I hate thinking about it, eating it, having to deal with it. Every single breakfast option, even smoothie, makes me want to barf. Eating before 10 a.m. is horrible.

    My body gets hungry around 10 and then pretty much stays hungry until about midnight. I am a good eater once it's no longer breakfast!
  • I actually looked at the options for music in the pool. A waterproof iPod shuffle is almost $200! TOO MUCH. But I need my Huey. Gonna have to figure something out.

    I wouldn't say I'm on a diet so much as I've changed my diet. Before I was exercising I lost about 10 pounds just from eating "healthy". Then I added exercise and I've lost another 10. My goal isn't weight loss, I just want to get into "Fighting Shape" and start a Nerd Combat League.
  • pickled beats! yum yum yum
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    when I lived in London I lived off of £20 a week, by way of "THAI" flavored cup-noodles, choco-covered mcvities, and 99p soft serve from McDonald's supplemented at regular intervals by shoeboxes of luna bars my mom would mail me from CA. The best I ever looked. +++++Glory Days+++++
  • Last night I ate fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and greenbeans in a hotel room.
  • Toast sandwich!

    That reminds of my dad's "jam sandwich" recipe: Take two pieces of bread and jam them together.
  • I have to cook an egg or two every morning and toast a slice of bread or something is going wrong.
  • today I have eaten an apple and peanut butter.
    this is a major improvement over my usual days thus far.
    I am very pleased!

  • Would probably kill myself if that was my diet.

    Can I have those extra yolks? They're the best part.
  • Felicia10 is so cool
  • Does coffee with a bunch of soy milk and a banana count as breakfast?
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  • It counts, flossy, but you're not going to build lots of muscle mass.
  • I'm trying to get biceps the size of prize-winning watermelons by next tuesday
    I am eating a dry bagel and drinking hotel room coffee
  • Last night for dinner I methodically tore through 2 Maker's-on-tha-rocks and a large order of fries as Eric Mast calmly gazed over me in well-masked horror. I was feeling nostalgic for the days when I first moved here from NY. "It only costs $10 for everything, really?" Woke up and my belly was like Oh No She DIDN'T. Totally worth it, still.
  • doin it rite, atmo
  • Today I'm not really hungry because I have the flu.

    I'm trying Dr. BoatShoes method of drinking bountiful coffee.
  • Today I went to the other Habibi, because the one I've been going to so much doesn't actually support my airline mileage program. That meal means that I now get a x5 mileage multiplier at participating restaurants.
  • But the soy milk has protein in it! I guess not enough. Matt is always telling me to eat some red meat.
  • When Matt says that just grab his hand and bite it.
  • I am eating pilfered goldfish crackers as I procrastinate on writing report cards..
  • I put crushed walnuts in box of macaroni and cheese.

    Reviews are mixed.
  • I am eating a shitty hotel bagel and drinking shitty hotel coffee. It is 7 a.m., which is 4 a.m. your time. Some of you motherfuckers are probably "still up." I want to come home
  • Good luck, YT! This is your big interview, right? Are you wearing your perfectly fitted suit? We are rooting for you!
  • Yes- good luck!!!! I bet you look as fabulous and professional as you are!
  • I did okay! I am at the airport now. It is over. I am so relieved.

    I did horribly on a couple of things, fine on a couple of things, and great on one thing. I think that balances out to "okay." I don't know if it balances out into me getting a job but I am grateful to have had the experience.

    It was unbelievably exhausting. My head is pounding and I haven't really slept in such a long time. So excited to get home to snoopy and Gary and my bed and ACTUAL COFFEE and eating something with my fingers and gross noises like a normal person

    Thank you for the good vibes!!!!!!!

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