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All dressed up!

edited October 2010
I'm at work today dressed up like a knitting basket!
Anyone else out there wearing a dumb costume to work?

Let me tell you, I am a HIT with the geriatric population at work!



  • I'm dressed as an adult man baby!

    Diaper, umbilical cord, afterbirth, EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

    People are loving it here at the workplace. LOVING IT, I TELL YA
  • This brings up an IMPORTANT DISCUSSION. Monday is closer to Halloween than Friday, but it would be totally unacceptable to have work dress up day on Monday, right? WHY!? Because we build up things intensely and then once they pass somewhat disappointingly we never want to deal with them again? Is it imposed on us by commerce/retail and their desire to move onto the next holiday (sales focus)?

    If Halloween is so awesome why can't we continue to celebrate another day on the backend?

    I don't know the answers, but I DO KNOW I have so many questions.
  • I agree! It is true and it is weird!

  • I'm in the big apple and I've seen people be intensely dressed up since yesterday afternoon.
  • I want to wear my costume always. I won a prize today at work and it included Interview with a Vampire on DVD. !!!
  • I think that one guy has some.
  • edited October 2010
    I'm dressed as a mom.

  • Get ready for pictures of the other Calvin (my nephew)! No one here knows him or cares about seeing pictures of him, I'm sure, but that's not going to stop me! He's an oompa loompa this year. I think my sister is rocking the costumes. Year 1: Mr. T, Year 2: Chucky, Year 3: Oompa Loompa. Pretty good.
  • Great job, Lolo. A winner, for sure, also points for DANGER (knitting needles).

    freddy, that Ewok is so perfect. Look at him very seriously scanning the area for dastardly stormtroopers!

    flossy, you couldn't be more wrong about this board not wanting to see pictures of that Oompa Loompa. BRING IT ON.

    Bob was a SHOCKING Bono. It was so distracting how accurate his costume was. I DJ'd a big warehouse party last night and saw some good ones (Venus Fly Trap, Dog the Bounty Hunter, a great Mona Lisa (with big canvas) and a bunch more i'm forgetting).
  • I can't wait to see your baby look!

    Coolest/most intrusive costume of the night = about about 10 people who came swarming into the party as a murder of crows! Loved them.
  • I wasn't really an adult man baby. The "office" I work in can't afford costume prizes and Grunty doesn't really appreciate the concept of dress up.

    Umbilical cord? Afterbirth? GROSS! I WOULD NOT!

    Not a big costume year for me. Last night I was a white wizard of weed. All white semi-formal, fancy spangly top hat, distinctive marijuana facepaint. Matched my dj partner's all back + weed dress look.
  • That sounds magical. White Wizard is more like it.
  • Here he is! The oompa loompa Calvin! This picture doesn't do him justice. Happy Halloween, everyone!

  • What cute little ghouls!! Oompa and Ewok! I'm squealing.

    Happy MONDAY Halloween ya'll.
  • The eyebrows!!!
  • edited November 2010
    I was a zombie who eats donuts instead of brains.


    we had some pretty good pumpkin vibes on our porch also.


    anybody else make up some pumpkins?
  • edited November 2010
    Actual Spider-Man
    Actual Spider-Man
  • I was a traveller who missed their flight home.
  • I saw a couple dressed up as a double rainbow.
  • edited November 2010
    I dress up everyday. It's not a costume.
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